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2012 Turnpoints
2012 Turf Turnpoints
2012 El Tiro Turnpoints

2013 Turnpoints
ASA turnpoints are undergoing updates for the 2013 race series. In preparation for update, please review the following files:

ASA Master Turnpoint List Field Descriptions


ASA Master Turnpoint List


Arizona Airport Facility Directory extract

NOTE: See the "2013 Turnpoints" discussion forum topic for an explanation of these files and the changes planned for 2013 !!
For 2012, these are the official files for airspace and borders:


Aerial Photographs - Strips, Fields, and Landable Turnpoints

This list was started in January 2005 and will have photographs added and updated as they become available. If you have one to add please e-mail it with a description to the ASA Webmaster.

Bean (13)
Bell Road (14)
Buckeye Pierce (25)
Castle Wells (30)
Chrysler Track (33) and 211th Ave
Circle City (35)
Flying Bucket Ranch
Forepaugh (55)
Gila Compressor (60)
Mauldin (note: access is via 443rd Ave)
Mels Ranch and Serene
Rancho Loma Vista (124)
Ranta Strip and Rancho Loma Vista
Ranta Strip (125)
Rio Vista Hills (127)
Sampley (132) and Aguila (Eagle's Roost) (2)
Schu Ranch, Mels Ranch, Serene and Flying Bucket Ranch
Turnbow (155)
Vulture Mine (159)
Walter Ranch and GM (61)

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