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Soaring Records
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NR = National record    WR = World record
Absolute Altitude15-Meter J. Tappan 1-26D 4/1/1997 30,871 ft. 
Absolute AltitudeFeminine 15-Meter B. MacLean Std. Cirrus 6/19/1999 17,886 ft 
Absolute AltitudeFeminine Multiplace N. Aadland - A. Coleson  6/21/1991 7,900 ft. 
Absolute AltitudeFeminine Singleplace C. Detwiler  4/1/1984 23,400 ft. 
Absolute AltitudeJunior Multiplace D. Robertson  12/26/1972 14,985 ft. 
Absolute AltitudeJunior Singleplace C. Tomlinson  3/4/1978 26,400 ft. 
Absolute AltitudeMotor Glider Multiplace J. Weber Stemme S10VT 6/30/2001 16,938 ft 
Absolute AltitudeMotor Glider Singleplace G. Kaufman Ventus b/T 5/30/1995 15,340 ft. 
Absolute AltitudeOpen Multiplace W. Winter Blanik L-13 3/28/1979 28,795 ft. 
Absolute AltitudeOpen Singleplace R. McCaldin  3/28/1979 31,900 ft. 
Absolute AltitudeSports     
Absolute AltitudeStandard J. Tappan 1-26D 4/1/1997 30,871 ft. 
Absolute AltitudeWorld Class  PW-5   

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