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lmurrayReply: posted - 11 November 2020 16:35
Welcome Davis,
I hope to see you at the field and get you signed up for the soaring forecasts I or Brian LaBorde put most every week.


mdonnellyReply: posted - 6 September 2020 11:43
Welcome. I'll see you at Estrella. Mark
274013Reply: posted - 4 September 2020 14:54
Hi guys.
I started flying gliders in 2014 at El Tiro and was a member of their club for several years. I logged about 150 hours and did some light XC.
In the end the two hour each way drive from central Phoenix to Marana every weekend wore me down and I stopped flying. Before sailplanes, I flew hang gliders for a number of years.

With Estrella being much closer I'm back flying and looking to purchase a glider (or share) of my own and to do some more serious XC.

Hoping to connect with several of you to fly together, please drop me a line at 602 373 5461


Christopher AniolStart of thread: posted - 4 September 2020 9:13
I'd like to welcome a new member Davis Chappins to the club.
Davis, if you would introduce yourself, that would be appreciated.

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