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lmurrayReply: posted - 26 February 2020 7:04
Yes the meeting is tonight. I'll look forward to seeing you there.


lmurrayReply: posted - 26 February 2020 7:03
I'll have to learn about the calendar. I didn't know we had one.
Steve KoernerReply: posted - 12 February 2020 19:03
I'm pretty sure I'll come to this meeting. Thanks.

I presume that the 26th is meant to be Feb 26?

Cliff HiltyReply: posted - 11 February 2020 9:33
Lee, would you post the date and time on the ASA calendar. You can actually post all of the ASIG meetings there.
lmurrayStart of thread: posted - 10 February 2020 20:21
Here is a message from Shad Coulson, Op. manager at Estrella Sailport. If you can come let me know for had count reasons so we have enough chairs set up. We will have another talk or two after the briefing.


I have great news! The folks from Luke AFB are going to come to the ASIG meeting on the 26th. They have requested to brief first since they are commuting to our location from Glendale. I have been working on this initiative since Oct (see email thread), following a near miss of a visiting private ship with a four ship formation of F-35’s just to the SW of us. They’re coming to educate Arizona Soaring and our local pilots about the busy mission of the 56 FW at Luke AFB. The best way for them to do that is in the form of a Mid-Air Collison Avoidance (MACA) briefing, which they routinely perform for other airports in the surrounding area! The ASIG meetings will be an excellent platform to present one of these briefings. It will consist of representatives from ATC, Luke airspace managers, Standardization and Evaluation members, and a fighter pilot (Chief of Flight Safety); presenting a very detailed slideshow presentation on air traffic control factors, fighter aircraft characteristics, the surrounding airspace configurations, and Luke’s fighter training mission. Please spread the word. I’d love to see a large attendance for this upcoming meeting. Might not hurt to put it out on the ASA forums as well.

Shad Coulson
Operations Manager
Arizona Soaring Inc.

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