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Cliff HiltyStart of thread: posted - 4 February 2020 20:21
As we discussed at the Christmas party, I am going to be out of town most of the summer so the contests at Estrella will be run and scheduled by Shad at Estrella for the local pilots. In addition to those I will be having a flyin/contest weekend sometime around mid to late April at Sampley, but cant set the date yet. Also this years Tucson OLC week will be held from May 22 thru may 30. I will be attending from 22nd thru 25th so will call a Task on Sat and Sun if pilots want. The ASA will be providing Chuy's take out on the deck on Sat the 23rd. As per Tucson club rules You will need to fill out a membership app and pay guest membership fee of $50. Jump in here Joe if there is any changes to the procedures. Hope to see you all at the gliderport! I will update as we get closer.

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