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Cliff HiltyReply: posted - 4 September 2019 7:16
OK so lack of interest/people out of town we will NOT be having a fall contest. Hope to see you all next spring for the 2020 season :)


CH Ventus B
"If were all just dust in the wind, I want to be at the top of a HUGE Dust Devil"

Cliff HiltyStart of thread: posted - 29 August 2019 9:47
I got a call from Harry Smith and he is getting ready to mothball his Towplane for the winter. So if we are going to have another contest weekend it needs to be soon. I am available for the weekend of the 14th and 15th of September. I need to have at least 4 others to come fly to make ot worth Harry to come out and tow. Post here or let me know if you are coming by next Wednesday 3 september.It will be our last race of the season hope you all can make it!


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