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Cliff HiltyReply: posted - 31 March 2019 21:17
So, due to insurance issues I am cancelling the 13,14 April contest at Sampley. If there is enough interest, (I will not be attending as I will be leaving for SC R5N in Perry on Saturday the 13th),and If someone wants to CD and enough people sign up on ASA-soaring.org (4-5 minium) Harry has agreed to tow. Otherwise I hope to see all of you in late May at ElTiro for the OLC/ASA contest on Memorial day weekend and the week following :)
Cliff HiltyReply: posted - 31 March 2019 21:11
Saturday saw top of lift at 7.5 around Estrella, 8.5 east of the farm fields, and south, back from ElTiro vot interesting untill I realized that after 7/8 of the flight I had my gear down :( After I put that up it got much better :) Good flying for this early in the Year, we had many pilots flying and lots of old relationships rekindled at Estrella's 50th anniversary was well attended.
I look forwardcto mamy more flights from there.
Cliff HiltyReply: posted - 30 March 2019 8:48
Jason asked that you bring a copy of your insurance for their records if you have already departed for the field, just bring it next time you fly here.

Today will be just an OLC day with the annuals and Estrella's anniversary going on it will be difficult to have a pilots meeting or task call. But if there is enough onterest I will call a task tomorrow. Weather on friday was decent, BC and CH flew down to El Tiro and back with about 3 kt averages ocassional 6kt to 6.5k

lmurrayReply: posted - 27 March 2019 6:21
The weather forecast for Sat. and Sun look positive for XC soaring. Sorry for the formatting. Day/ Top of Usable Lift & Wind at TOL/ Updraft Vel. (avg.)/XC-Potential in the Area/Forecast Model/Cloud Forecast

Wednesday 4-6 k / Light & Var 4-6 kts Possibly-Likely Good NAM-3 60%
Thursday 6-8 k / 9 kts SW 5-7 kts Possibly-Likely Good NAM-3 Clear
Friday 6-7 k / 11 kts W 5-6 kts Possibly Good NAM-12 Clear
Saturday 6-7 k / 2 kts W 5-6 kts Likely Good GFS-30 10%
Sunday 7-9 k / Light & Var 6-7 kts Likely Good GFS-30 10%

Tonight there is an ASIG meeting at The La Famiglia Restaurant is at 1859 W. Guadalupe Rd., Mesa, AZ 85202
Bob De La Torre will have a safety talk and Shad Coulson will talk about waypoints. Shad was recently married so we should all congratulate him. Lee Larder will tell us how his Crystal trip and flying in wave. He has photos and IGC flight record we will replay on SeeYou. You can peek at the menu at: http://www.lafamigliapizzanpasta.net/menu.html

Cliff HiltyReply: posted - 25 March 2019 8:27
Talked to Harry, and we are all set for Annuals on Saturday at Estrella. He will arrive around 9:30am so those that want early annuals have your seat pans out and ready :) See you all at the gliderport!
lmurrayReply: posted - 18 March 2019 7:10
The oxygen cart is in good shape for filling your oxygen bottles at Estrella Sailport. You need to have been trained and have paid the $20 fee for using the service. We may have to reposition the cart if you have a filling tube that you want to use to fill your tank.

There is an empty tank on the cart that is indicated by the records of pressures. There is a new gauge installed which is covered by a white plastic cover to protect it from the elements.

Lee Murray

Cliff HiltyReply: posted - 13 March 2019 9:44
Howdy race fans, Due to several issues (Harrys towplane repairs and Estrella's anniversary) I have swapped the venues around. We will be doing the last weekend in March 29, 30, 31, at Estrella and the Sampley contest in april 13,14. Harry will still be conducting Annuals but at Estrella on Saturday morning. The BBQ will be sponsored by Arizona Soaring Inc. Please bring a side dish or desert and BYOB. Sorry for the late change, but hope to see ypu all there.

Steve KoernerReply: posted - 8 March 2019 7:36
The Lambada is grounded for now. I went out to Pleasant Valley to check on her and get the glider and hangar cleaned up. Discovered a nasty ding in the carbon prop. I won't be able to get it fixed in time for Aguila. The prop comes from Europe.
mmorrisseyReply: posted - 7 March 2019 7:23
LZ will be at Sampley's on Friday morning for the annual and will take a tow all three days. Discus-229cs
Christopher AniolReply: posted - 7 March 2019 4:47
I am looking forward to it.
Steve KoernerReply: posted - 6 March 2019 6:42
I'd like to take you for a ride. I just know it isn't going to be what you're expecting; certainly not $200 worth.
Christopher AniolReply: posted - 4 March 2019 18:34
Oh well, I tried...
Steve KoernerReply: posted - 4 March 2019 16:26
Chris - I'm flattered. But you're thinking about the Lambada the same way I was thinking about it before I bought it - wrongly.

It is not possible to fly a task in her. The problem is twofold. It has a poor glide performance and it cannot be landed in a field because of concern about flipping on its back. I was instructed to pull the chute rather than land off-field. The only time the engine can be off is within glide range to an airport. There has really been only a few occasions that I've had the engine off for extended periods. You've either got to be over an airport or it has to be a very very high day.

It's a fun, fuel efficient airplane but pretty useless as a glider. I use it as an airplane. Actually, I haven't used it much at all lately.

Cliff HiltyReply: posted - 3 March 2019 7:55
OK Steve, Ill fly the Lamabada one day and you fly my 27 :) No guarantees on cloudbase though :)
Christopher AniolReply: posted - 2 March 2019 18:39
I will pay $200.00 towards the US juniors team if I can get a seat in your Lambada for one contest day at Sampley's.
I am sure that there will be more pilots to want to do that!
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