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lmurrayStart of thread: posted - 12 January 2019 18:50
I stopped by the Mellow-Mushroom today and nailed down the arrangement for this month’s meeting on Wednesday Jan 30th. at 6 PM If you think you can attend please drop me e-mail to confirm that you are coming (lmurray002@new.rr.com). We will have a flat screen TV to connect to our laptops for discussions and there is plenty of room for as many who can come. The Mellow Mushroom is at 14205 50th St. (in Ahwatukee near I-10 and Ray Road in a shopping center with Chick-Fil-A and Best Buy).

Subjects will include free or low cost software for your smart phone. Shad Coulson will be leading out on the flyskyhy app for the Apple i-phone. I will cover XCSOAR on a Kindle Fire and a Samsung Galaxy. Bob Van Tresse showed me a free app (Flightradar24) for my Galaxy that will identify the location of aircraft with transponders. While at the airport last Saturday we tracked Frank Eckert’s glider flight to Casa Grade and back. Also I will show you a low cost flight recorder approved for SSA/FAI badges up through Gold (FlywithCE FR-300).

Should time permit we can discuss the recent changes in the FAI Sporting Code having to do with Badges and Records. The SSA Badge Dude, Rollin Hasness, made reference to this in his article in the January issue of SOARING (pg 5). Changes have to do with flight recorders all having the same task, penalties for using turn point cylinders and the Silver Badge Distance Task.

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