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lmurrayStart of thread: posted - 30 December 2018 20:34
One of my flying friends Dennis Scheidt, recently passed away. He owned or jointly owned a restored Labelle that is now up for sale. Bill Sneed is asking if I knew anyone who might buy it. I was thinking that this would be a great first ship for someone or perhaps a step up for someone. The ship is in Texas Here is what he said.

Gail Scheidt has ask me to assist in the sale of Dennis's Standard Libelle. I bought this Libelle from a Doctor in Tennessee and flew it for several years in competition. It was the region 10 sports class champion in 2012. It was rebuilt and refinished by a professional glider shop in New York for one of the owner's sons to fly. I flew it in three sports class nationals and would say it probably is the best Libelle in the country. The Libelles are almost classic now will soon be a collector item. This glider is in an above average Komet trailer.

Dennis rigged the instruments for local flying, but I still have the LX 7000 flight computer that the panel is ready to receive without modification. Dennis has the contest number "14" assigned and installed on the glider.

The price is negotiable and will somewhat depend on the new owners means and intentions for the glider. This is a glider that needs to be taken care of and loved. I have about 1200 happy hours racing Standard Libelles and for a number reasons writing this e-mail brought tears.

Bill Snead
cell 512 987 9282

Lee Murray


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