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jsilvasiReply: posted - 29 April 2018 8:31
I'm happy to report that yesterday I took advantage of Jim Garner's service and was very pleased ! He and his son (also Jim Garner!) met me down the street from his home off Riggs Rd under the shade of a huge tree and conducted my transponder recert. He was also able to confirm that my new TRiG TN-72 and active antenna were supplying GPS data to my TRiG transponder making me fully ADS-B compliant well in advance to the 2020 mandate even though as a glider, I'm exempt in most BUT NOT ALL airspace. The really good news is that he has agreed to work with us next year during the annual inspection party for transponder recerts to avoid the disappointment that we had this year with Skyquest Avionics not showing up.

Joe Silvasi

lmurrayStart of thread: posted - 1 April 2018 8:48
After the inspection day disappointment where we were not able to get our transponder's checked, I phoned around and I found James Garner who lives in Sun Lakes only a half mile from me. I towed the glider to him and he checked the transponder with the fuselage on the cradle. He charged me $100. He is willing to go somewhere to do group checks but he will need at least four guys to make it worth his bother. His phone number is 928-978-0745. The business number is AV8TOR AVIONICS.

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