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Tom DukerichReply: posted - 19 March 2018 21:18
OD2 will be there early. Need to leave early for a birthday party.
lmurrayReply: posted - 13 March 2018 12:42
Yes, I want my transponder tested and an annual inspection. I have an HpH 304C SN 68 made in 2006. The tail number is N-304CB. My transponder is a Dittel.


Cliff HiltyReply: posted - 12 March 2018 12:09
Also add Ron Barton and his Pegasus 101A N639CA!
Cliff HiltyReply: posted - 9 February 2018 14:34
Add Bruce Rosenthal and his Pegasus to the list :)
jsilvasiReply: posted - 9 February 2018 11:30
I have to contact the transponder guy to coordinate with him.

Joe Silvasi

Cliff HiltyReply: posted - 7 February 2018 16:08
Andy called and reminded me that it was scheduled for easter weekend and that he and Chris wouldnt be able to attend. He called Harry and rescheduled to the 24th of March so I amended the original post to reflect that!
Christopher AniolReply: posted - 7 February 2018 12:33

Cliff HiltyReply: posted - 7 February 2018 7:34
I do not have a transponder. But should anyone want to set someone up for that day? Please feel free to! Maybe start a new thread to see if you can get enough to warrant it.


Christopher AniolReply: posted - 6 February 2018 6:56
CA1 will be there. Can we have transponders done also?
Cliff HiltyStart of thread: posted - 5 February 2018 10:07
Howdy ASA'ers. I have Scheduled Harry for The annual party at Turf for the 24th of march of March starting at 0800. The early start is so Harry can tow for those wishing to fly in the afternoon. We had quite the turnout last year and am expecting the same this year. Just a warm up for the contest/OLC fun days ahead. I didn't talk about pricing but am pretty sure it will be the same as last year. So respond hear if you want /need an Annual on your ship!

CH Ventus B
"If were all just dust in the wind, I want to be at the top of a HUGE Dust Devil"

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