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lmurrayStart of thread: posted - 30 January 2018 5:34
I started out to drive to the airports that are between Mobile and Interstate 8. These are valuable places in case one can't find lift when flying north of Table Top Mountain. I left 238 on 83rd Ave and went to Schumacher Lane when I came across a couple inches of sand on the road which was a lot of drag on the car wheels. I turned around because I didn't want to get stuck. If someone has a Jeep or 4WD and would like to do this survey with me, I would love to have their help. I talked with the Airport manager of Serene, Greg Greg Aguirre, and he tells me that Serene is a good land out location but don't plan to land there on his private airport. Flying Bucket has not been maintained and is not recommended. Mel's Ranch is landable but so close to Serene it doesn't make sense to use it. Motown is the one I would love to check out. I haven't spotted it from the air yet. Steve Koerner visited it sometime in the past, probably before 2012 and it was landable in a pinch but not great.

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