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lmurrayReply: posted - 30 January 2018 5:56
The oxygen cart has had the wheel bearings inspected and repacked. Bruce Waddell and Frank Eckert both of who had worked in the auto maintenance business inspected the bearings with me. The grease seals were replaced. The old ones were felt seals which probably indicates that the cart was made in the 40's of 50's according to Frank Eckert who made an adapter ring for a seal that came the closest to the one removed. Frank also made an insertion tool which was very handy for inserting the new seal. I can't get that seal. It's a good thing the bearings were not pitted since they are out of production as well. Even the dust cap isn't available any longer so a small modification on one I could get was made. The combination lock was replaced and a new code has been assigned. The old lock is still working and was placed on the hitch.
Tom DukerichReply: posted - 9 January 2018 13:22
Please remove my name from the Committees section regarding the oxygen.

jsilvasiReply: posted - 1 January 2018 19:41
I'd just like to take a moment to make a couple of points and update the membership.

First and foremost, I'm very happy that there are folks out there looking out for the welfare of the ASA and it's assets, not that we have that many assets mind you.

Second, given the depth of interest in "Fake News" and other sources of mis-information that have permiated the political and journalistic channels during the last 2 years, I would opine that a more prudent course of action with regard to the concern over the state of the O2 cart would have been to contact a member of the Board. IF there was an illicit action involving one of our assets, any of the Board members could have quickly "Nipped it in the bud!" and from a responsibility standpoint would have been the correct source to notify the authorities if in fact there was a legitimate issue requiring action by the authorities. Thus, I'd like to stress that if any of you ever have a question, comment or concern, I urge you to contact a member of the Board to ask that question, share that comment or broach that concern to insure that it is addressed properly and in a prompt and timely fashion.

Lastly, the rational for moving the cart was a simple matter of economics. Over the last 3 years, a number of ASA members have been mentoring a group of some 15 to 20 pilots based at Estrella Sailport who have sought to become adept at cross country soaring. I'm happy to say that these fine pilots have done very well at expanding their capabilities with regard to cross country soaring and supporting the ASA as well. For the last couple of years, the ASA has sought to establish a relationship with the management of Arizona Soaring to permit stowing an O2 Cart at Estrella Sailport for the benefit of ASA members based there and that over this past summer we were successful in creating such a relationship thanx to several of the Estrella XC pilots. Thus, we had been investigating the expense required to manufacture a new custom O2 cart for Estrella with the best estimates in the $1500 to $2000 range. Sadly, last February we lost one of our long term loyal ASA supporters with the passing of Roy Coulette and have witnessed a dramatic downturn of soaring activity at Pleasant Valley Airport. With our existing cart in deteriorating condition and virtually not being used, a suggestion was made to update the existing cart to a roadworthy state and relocate it to Estrella rather than spending upwards of $2000 to create a new cart. At approximately one tenth of the cost for a new cart, Lee Murray & I spend several hours going over the existing cart replacing the tires, verifying the electrics were functioning properly and insuring that the O2 bottles were secure enough for transport, then it was carefully relocated to Estrella where Lee and one or two other past ASA members (soon to be back in the ASA ranks along with several others pilots!) have agreed to take on responsibility for managing the O2 Cart on behalf of the ASA in much the same manner that Tom has done for several years at Pleasant Valley Airport. With the prospect of some "tender loving care", and the potential for increasing the ranks of the ASA, this decision was very easy for the Board to approve.

With the new location, there will also be some new procedures put into place. For one, the lock combination will be changed annually. When a member renews his membership and signs up for O2 for the current year, he will receive the new combination for the current year. From a safety standpoint, we will be re-emphasizing the past training activity and certification for safe usage of the O2 cart for new users of the system to protect our association from a liability standpoint.

Thanx for your continued support of the ASA. Watch for important announcements concerning the 2018 season soon.

Joe Silvasi

Cliff HiltyReply: posted - 31 December 2017 19:54
Sorry Tom, I should have mentioned it to you. We talked about it a few months ago and decided that it would get much more use at Estrella as most of the active O2 users are flying primarily out of there now. Lee agreed to take care of it and since I had the farthest to go to get O2, I agreed board voted done deal, we just forgot to yell everyone:) My bad :)
lmurrayReply: posted - 31 December 2017 18:28
The cart is at Estrella Sailport now. Joe and I moved it after the ASA board determined that it made more sense to move the cart than buy another for Estrella where members will use it. It has new tires and will get some other maintenance. Tom, I would like to talk to you about how the bottles got exchanged with filled bottles.

Lee Murray (lmurray002 at new.rr.com) 520-413-5417

Christopher AniolReply: posted - 31 December 2017 12:23
I just went to Turf to check on the cart. It is definitely gone. I think we should report it stolen.
Arnie JurnReply: posted - 30 December 2017 20:01
Definitely road worthy when I saw it. Somebody invested in tires. Just surprised to see it going somewhere this time of the year. I know what shape it was in before I saw it on the road.
Tom DukerichReply: posted - 30 December 2017 18:36

It was not me. I'm really surprised because it was in rough shape and not close to road worthy.


Arnie JurnStart of thread: posted - 30 December 2017 17:15
Saw the ASA oxygen cart headed south on the freeway today. Just curious where it was headed.

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