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lmurrayReply: posted - 14 October 2017 18:34
Thanks for the great advice, Steve.


Bob ThompsonReply: posted - 4 October 2017 12:36
I agree Steve. I used to do this often when flying at Val Air gliderport in Durango. Afternoon winds were gusty and often 90 degrees cross. I'd land late, and usually into pretty calm air Problem was everyone else had gone home. Which is why I bought a One man rigger.... not for rigging, but for de-rigging as dark was coming on. I'll take smooth, safe landings any day over puckery and gusty x-wind landings.
jsilvasiReply: posted - 3 October 2017 19:03
That's a great suggestion Steve ! Thanx for sharing it. Although I've noticed this phenomena many, many times, the thought of using it to one's advantage in this manner has never occurred to me.

Joe Silvasi

Steve KoernerStart of thread: posted - 3 October 2017 6:54
I'm sure many already know this -- it's a good trick to know if you don't.

Late afternoon summer winds will very often completely stop right at sunset. If you are faced with a crosswind landing in the late afternoon, a solution is to hangout until sunset.

I've done this many times over the years including a few days ago flying out of Estrella. I came back about forty minutes before sunset to find an 80 degree cross of about 15 knots. The flag was whipping sharply. I probably could have landed it, but why take a chance?

There remained some very weak thermals able to sustain to about 2500 ft as is common at the end of the day. So I just hung out until the sun dropped below the distant mountains and landed in calm conditions. An added benefit is that you can see the runway after the sun drops if you are needing to land to the west as is the usual case in the southwest.

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