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Cliff HiltyReply: posted - 27 September 2017 6:29
Yes excellent dinner Andy! Thanks Steve for being inventive on the task calling. Steve Won both days with over 100kph on Sunday. Both days were challenging with some pretty good sink in between some strong but small thermals! Chris had the longest flight on Saturday going much further east the anyone else. All in all a fun contest. Thanks to Harry for providing tows and to Rick and Jeanne for hosting us. Hope to see everyone out again next Spring!
Tom DukerichReply: posted - 23 September 2017 20:55
Very cool event. I liked the format.

Andy - Awesome job on the teriyaki chicken and rice.

jsilvasiReply: posted - 23 September 2017 7:36
Been extreamly here hectic with the house deal, but I will be there and Theresa will be bringing a desert for all.

Joe Silvasi

Steve KoernerReply: posted - 20 September 2017 12:37
Weekend forecast is improving -- Skysight now says 570 fpm to 9300 ft at Turf.

Teriyaki chicken sounds great. I will bring a vegetable dish of some sort.

Cliff HiltyReply: posted - 20 September 2017 10:53
Harry's doctors appt has changed and he can now tow on Friday. I plan on taking a tow sometime after noon. Any one else up for flying on Friday?

CH Ventus B
"If were all just dust in the wind, I want to be at the top of a HUGE Dust Devil"

andy78rgReply: posted - 19 September 2017 14:35
OK, I will plan Teriyaki Chicken for Saturday night. I can bing out the smoker to cook the chicken, it will include Teriyaki sauce, chicken and rice in a bowl. If anyone else wants to bring vegetables and desert that would be great.
jsilvasiReply: posted - 19 September 2017 6:15
Update: I may only fly Saturday or not at all. House under contract & I need to pack and coordinate a bunch of stuff for the move. My daughter is having a baby next week and I'm not missing that ! But, we will loose time available before COE on 10/13. Nothing as constant as change !! Everything is fluid right now. Do the words "Time Crunch!" mean anything to you ?

Joe Silvasi

Steve KoernerReply: posted - 18 September 2017 14:08
All-righty then... I will call a task. Right now SkySight has the weekend at 500FPM to 8K - no clouds. Not fantastic, but flyable.
Cliff HiltyReply: posted - 18 September 2017 8:21
OK, shaping up now, long range forcast is showing low winds with highs in the high 80s. no soaring forcasts yet but we should be looking good for some tasks. So Steve would you like to call a task? Ill be glad to fly anything you call:) if not Ill come up with something. Andy, can you plan the entree for Saturday night? The rest of us can bring something to share. Ill buy the charcoal fot the grill at Turf. Pilots meeting at 10:30 under the tree. Lets all have fun and be safe out there!


Tom DukerichReply: posted - 17 September 2017 19:53
OD2 Saturday and Sunday.
andy78rgReply: posted - 17 September 2017 10:18
Update, AC I will be there Saturday, maybe Sunday
Steve KoernerReply: posted - 12 September 2017 21:36
I'll be there. I request a real task with actual turnpoints.
jsilvasiReply: posted - 9 September 2017 12:06
QRP planning on both days at this time. Would love to fly a task both days.

Joe Silvasi

andy78rgReply: posted - 6 September 2017 13:10
AC, I will be out of town that weekend. Have fun guys.
Christopher AniolReply: posted - 5 September 2017 19:32
CA1 will be there both days.
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