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jsilvasiReply: posted - 19 March 2017 19:53
FYI - I have added the full FLARM Configuration Specification and a fully documents sample file (that you can use to make your own updates) to the documents area. There are links on the home page in the FLARM 2017 update note under the banner. Let me know if you have any questions. I may not have the answers, but we'll figure it out together !!

Joe Silvasi

jsilvasiStart of thread: posted - 19 March 2017 11:29
If you are like me, you've been dumbfounded by some of the parameters used to configure your PowerFlarm device. While some sources of info provided background on some parms, others were in direct conflict or the same parms and a select few parms were never documented anywhere.

After completing the most recent required firmware update for 2017, I noticed a new reference link on the farm.com website for a complete configuration parameter specification. While this link specifically says that it is not intended for end users, I find it to be quite useful. It seems to document each and every configuration parameter in detail. It has answered some very old questions that I had about operation of the device. I hope you find it useful as well. Here is a direct link for the document:


I downloaded it and printed it for reference. You should too !

Joe Silvasi

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