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lmurrayReply: posted - 5 April 2017 13:20
Jason Stevens tells me there is a young parachute for sale by one of his friends/customers.

From: Joan-Alice Burn <joanburn@gmail.com>
Date: April 3, 2017 8:59:51 AM MST
To: jason@azsoaring.com
Subject: Parachute for sale

Hi Jason,
Tim and I are looking forward to squeezing in a couple days there in May. Meanwhile, I thought I would see if you know of anyone looking for a parachute. We have a National Seat Back 360, 4 yrs old, for sale. It's in great condition, but needs a repack. We are looking for $1700. If you know of anyone who might be interested, please give them this email.



Bob ThompsonReply: posted - 5 April 2017 10:03
Parachutes are all packed and are at my home. Give me a call to make sure I'll be home when you want to pick up your parachute.
Bob ThompsonReply: posted - 25 March 2017 19:12
Tom dropped by this afternoon with 15 parachutes. Wow. What a start. I got them over to the rigger and he will start packing them this week. He's a tad tied up with a military contract, but will be getting the ASA / PSA chutes packed as the week moves on.

Any other chutes needing packing, let me know and I'll get them to Chuck. Hopefully all needing packing to me before the next weekend (4/1)

Bob ThompsonReply: posted - 24 March 2017 8:43
UPDATE. I just talked with Chuck and he would prefer checks be made out to his company RIGGERPLEASE LLC as that makes his accounting at the end of the year easier. Make checks out for $60. If there is need for any fixes to any chutes that might incur any extra costs, he will let me know so you can be contacted. Cliff will be dropping a load of chute off with me tomorrow, and I will collect all others during this coming week.
Bob ThompsonReply: posted - 24 March 2017 6:34
Parachute packing week coming up. Cliff will be bringing a batch down from Prescott tomorrow 3/25 and getting them to me after his glider gets its annual inspection at PVA. Everyone wanting their chute packed, get them to me at my house this week. Include check made out to Chuck Marshall for $60. As soon as I get them back I'll post here.
Bob ThompsonStart of thread: posted - 22 February 2017 13:48
I have arranged a group parachute pack again this year. As our usual rigger seems to be out of state, I have arranged with another master rigger to do the packing. The group rate for all chutes, round or square, will be $60. He will pick them up the first of April from my home. This will provide you with legal repacks for almost all of the glider season. All interested, please contact me and I'll get a list started.

Bob T.

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