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jsilvasiStart of thread: posted - 22 February 2017 10:50
As membership has dwindled over the last several years and the average distance between members has generally increased as well as an increase in the day to day activities and other commitments of our members, scheduling has become an issue and getting together for face to face meetings has become difficult. Case in point, scheduling of our annual meeting this year is a prime example.

For a number of years, I have used several collaboration tools in the professional workplace that enhance the ability to have meaningful meetings when at a distance from the subject location. Educational classes, presentations, webinars, polls, surveys and "face-to-face" meetings are all possible with these tools when the only portal that you have is your computer, tablet or smartphone. It's how the business world gets work done !

So, the question is: Why doesn’t the ASA use this technology to get things done ??

And so, the purpose of this thread is to gauge membership feelings about to use of one or more tools to change how we conduct association business. Sadly, to effectively meet the needs of our group, a service such as this would not fall into the “free” category. But, the costs are quite modest and the benefits could be very good in terms of meeting our objectives and helping to protect the environment (saving exhaust emissions), reduce traffic congestion and giving our members more time in their pockets to spend with family, friends and in the air. So, please think about how we as an organization could benefit from the use of technology and weigh in here with your comments and suggestions.

Joe Silvasi

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