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Arnie JurnReply: posted - 14 February 2017 8:43
Cannot attend the meeting. Will be in California. Prefer to attend a meeting called by the board.
waveguruReply: posted - 13 February 2017 20:31
If you are one of the club members that wants to see OUR club continue to flourish and get better, rather than be fazed out, fall apart, fade away, or take part in a "suspension of organized activities" please come to the ASA non-approved meeting on February 21st, 6:30, Tuesday evening at P48. ALL a are welcome to share ideas. Please RSVP. Maybe the lame duck board will attend and we can make it "official"?
waveguruReply: posted - 13 February 2017 8:51
I posted an invitation to an ASA meeting here at Pleasant Valley Airport at 6:30 on February 21st and clearly stated that is was an unofficial meeting to discuss the present and future of our club. Why is that a problem? It was deleted and followed by a personal attack by our lame duck president.
waveguruReply: posted - 13 February 2017 8:33
Nobody is named? Lee, scroll down a ways to see Joe's post.
lmurrayReply: posted - 13 February 2017 6:13
Nobody is named, it is true and intended to improve comradely.
waveguruReply: posted - 11 February 2017 9:57
what happened to the "no personal attacks" part of the decency guidelines?
lmurrayReply: posted - 10 February 2017 18:44
I believe we will have a meeting soon. Joe is in an archery competition I believe and there is a financial report that is being worked on. I don't see an issue about meeting at the airport.

As for interest and passion, I'm still looking for my gold badge but loving the OLC competition. Still most people in the sport don't want to race. Being able to see new things and having a social interaction is a big factor.

Sniping at each other is just the opposite but I recognize sometimes one has to press to get problems resolved.

waveguruReply: posted - 10 February 2017 18:09
We have a meeting room we can use here at Pleasant Valley
Steve KoernerReply: posted - 10 February 2017 15:20
You're right that my Las Vegas suggestion wasn't 100% serious. It was 30% intended as stimulus and 40% just my normal orneriness. That leaves some seriousness though. It is not wrong that a club might overtly close when there is insufficient interest to make it work.

For me personally, the club was 90% about the racing events. After several frustrating years trying to keep the racing going, I've given up. The club can perhaps change to something else that will be desired and meaningful to the members (though probably not to me). Barring such a reinvention, then yes, I believe we do need to shut down.

When we have a cash balance, as we do, shutting down isn't a simple matter of drifting away. Nor is hibernating a reasonable option when there is a cash balance. Closing requires planning. Thinking about how best to serve the members in a last hurrah seems fitting.

There were no suggestions from anyone about what the club's activities should be for the year. There were no specific alternatives laid out by the board and no annual meeting planned by the board. There is a dearth of members willing to take on club duties. The majority of our formerly active members have quit the sport or moved away. There's been a bit of abrasiveness from a few members that's mostly consequent of all of the above. Doesn't that actually make a shutting down alternative pretty real?

lmurrayReply: posted - 10 February 2017 14:03
As a board member and flyer, I have no intent of helping the club shut down. We need to have a meeting. The Deer Valley Airport shafted us last year, so nobody wants to give them a chance to repeat that. We need someone who knows the area up in North Phoenix to propose a place to meet. No, not Las Vegas where the racers can divide the club assets in opulence. I think/hope Steve was putting out some levity there. I had made some contacts for meetings in Southeast Phoenix area, but there was no excitement about the location. Do any of the members want to open their homes to a party and meeting?

I see members selling gliders and giving up, some because of strife in the club. There must be people who want to pull together. I'm sure we can do it.

Some of us are meeting in Mesa once a month having discussion topics, learning more about the sport. Who wants to hold a club office? Lets have that winter meeting before it isn't winter.


waveguruReply: posted - 10 February 2017 6:21
I'm not competing against the ASA. I am trying to keep it alive. The board seems to want to shut the club down?
jsilvasiReply: posted - 9 February 2017 22:59
Since last summer, Mr. Boggs has repeatedly attempted to compete against the ASA by creating a competing Facebook presence because his views do not match that of the Board and/or remainder of the ASA. The unilateral attempt at taking over the ASA by holding his own general membership meeting cannot be tolerated as there is 1) no Board sanctioned support for his actions and 2) as a authorized Arizona Corporation he lacks sufficient authority under the corporate articles of organization to do so. This Board has previously warned him that his standing in this organization would be at risk should he continue to compete with or attempt to control this group. If Mr. Boggs would like to start his own separate organization or have meetings about soaring activities of interest to him or any other pilots, he is free to do so as long as it does not impinge on or conflict with ASA operation or identification assets. I have removed his posts calling for his own ASA meeting in this thread. If anyone has any comments, please direct them to myself or any other member of the Board (I am out of town and otherwise unavailable until late next week) at our regular e-mail address and NOT in the discussion forum or Facebook page. This type of activity is not what this forum is for.

Joe Silvasi

andy78rgReply: posted - 9 February 2017 8:02
I like the idea of Las Vegas, Yah let's live it up. But let's get real, if it's two people or over 20 people, it's a club. It shouldn't be about politics, it should be about a club of people getting together and having a great time.
waveguruReply: posted - 6 February 2017 9:51
So what is the boards current thinking about our annual meeting? February? March? Or shutting the club down?
waveguruReply: posted - 2 February 2017 20:20
Steve for president!
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