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jsilvasiReply: posted - 16 February 2017 9:32
With all the excitement in my small world, I missed the followups in this thread.

Just as an FYI to the ASA community, a number of ASA members including Bob Thompson, Paul Cordell, Eric Redweik and myself (please excuse any unintentional omissions) have been mentoring this group down at Estrella for the last two years. In addition to the general topics of discussion during the ASIG monthly meeting, we have been promoting the benefits of ASA membership to this fledgling group.

One of the things we have been trying to promote is an ancillary benefit of ASA membership - competitively priced oxygen refill availability. The ASA Board has discussed making an O2 refill setup available at E68 just like what is available to ASA members at Pleasant Valley Airport P48. What we need to do is reach an agreement with AZ Soaring and identify a volunteer at E68 to monitor the setup in much the same manner as Tom Dukerich looks over the setup at P48.

For myself and those other ASAer's that have been involved, it has been a pleasure to watch this group mature with XC soaring and push the edge of their collective envelope.

Joe Silvasi

Steve KoernerReply: posted - 29 January 2017 9:36
Seems like a great group.

Why not bring them all into the auspices of ASA? ASA needs activities and meetings and new members.

ASA needs them and I'd think they need ASA. With ASA they'd get a broader perspective, a great website, some more activities during the year (I'd hope), a 65 year heritage of Arizona soaring and acquired knowledge (most of ASA's long history was based at Estrella incidentally), recognition and awards and not even to mention a ****load of money in the bank. Plus we already have a nice logo and name recognition.

And for those who care about OLC performance, splintering is surely not the way to succeed.

lmurrayReply: posted - 26 January 2017 7:19
Glad you could make it, Steve. XC-Skies had it being a good day, but not as good as the day before that I flew. Now I understood the comment someone made that you landed in the parking lot so you could come to the meeting.


Steve KoernerReply: posted - 24 January 2017 19:25
I'm interested in this too. Somewhat ironically, Blipmap is predicting the best soaring day of the year. I plan to be at Estrella tomorrow and can't be back in town by 6 unless I land at about 4. That might be possible only if I don't go anywhere.
lmurrayReply: posted - 23 January 2017 20:42
OK, Joe. I'll see you there.

Thanks for responding. Lee

jsilvasiReply: posted - 23 January 2017 14:43
Please include me too Lee. Sounds like a great night !

Joe Silvasi

lmurrayReply: posted - 23 January 2017 12:42
Thanks Tom. I'll mark you down.


Tom DukerichReply: posted - 23 January 2017 11:09
Great idea. I have an appointment that prevents an on-time arrival, but I'll show up late.


lmurrayStart of thread: posted - 23 January 2017 8:45
The Arizona Soaring Interest group (an unclub) will meet in Mesa at the LaFamiglia Restaurant at 6 PM on Wednesday, January 25th to discuss Soaring Forecasting with TopMeteo by Pete Rendek and Dr. Jack's BLIP MAP forecast by Lee Murray. I think there are some of you guys who use Dr. Jack's more than I do, and your presence would be very welcome.

The La Famiglia Restaurant is at 1859 W. Guadalupe Rd., Mesa, AZ 85202 You can peek at the menu at: http://www.lafamigliapizzanpasta.net/menu.html

Please RSVP your plans to attend so that the restaurant can set the room up appropriately. Respond to Lee (lmurray002@new.rr.com) or to Pete Rendek (prendek@cox.net). As always, if you find that you can come at the last minute, please come.

Lee Murray

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