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Cliff HiltyReply: posted - 8 November 2016 19:40
It was good to see so many ASA. PSS and TUSC members at the Shrimp boil! We had around a hundred people sit down for dinner and a few more show up later Mike did a great job with the music and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Special thanks to Rose for putting up with me and all of the cooking and supplies she has done over the years, and to Don for flying out to help every year it would have ended many years ago had I not had both of your help!
It has been a lot of fun over the past ten years, but it is time to move on to other things! Thank you to all, for all the support and help over the years. And although I'm not having the Annual Sampley party, I may have some local parties for flying events instead. Stay tuned!
Bob ThompsonStart of thread: posted - 6 November 2016 12:31
A great big THANK YOU to ASA members Cliff Hilty and Rose for putting on the 10th edition of his annual Shrimp Boil at his hangar at Aguia Samply Airport yesterday / last night. As usual, it was a grand time, a great social event, and probably the only time all year there is such a gathering of old time Arizona airheads. Quite the feast, certainly no one went home (or spent the night) hungry. With table tops still covered with yet-to-be-eaten shrimp, potatoes, corn, eggs, and sausage which were collected after dinner, not to mention all the deserts covering 2 tables, I’m sure breakfast this morning of left-overs for those still there will be quite filling. Its too bad there are so few events like this, but at the same time we are so lucky to have had Cliff and Rose doing this for so long. Cliff now says this was the last year he will host this superb social event. Thanks for the memories, Cliff! It was a great run.

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