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lmurrayReply: posted - 17 August 2016 12:28
And what part of Bob Thompson's post falls into what you quoted?
waveguruReply: posted - 17 August 2016 7:54
"Poster acknowledges that flaming, personal attacks, argumentative"
lmurrayReply: posted - 17 August 2016 7:40
Can you be specific as to where it is not factual?
waveguruReply: posted - 16 August 2016 19:42
How is Bob's post not a violation of the new decency rules?
Bob ThompsonStart of thread: posted - 16 August 2016 9:37
Human nature is a strange thing. ASA has had a hard time in recent years to get member involvement. The heat of summer 2016 perhaps has had a strange impact. Participation in the discussion page of the ASA web site has been very minimal, which is normal for summers, but things seem to have gotten out of hand dealing with the official ASA FaceBook page. There seems to be a gridlock in which a member wishes to have his FaceBook privileges restored but refuses to abandon his mimicked ASA FaceBook page as a condition. It seems political maneuvering is not reserved to only national politics. Gary Boggs is apparently now trying to upstage ASA with several of his own personal version(s) and trying to convince some ASA members that the official ASA FaceBook page isn’t really ASA sanctioned (which it IS). As ASA secretary and a Board member, I find all this absurd, and very divisive. ASA, and soaring in general, doesn’t need this disruptive nonsense! For any pilots out there who have received communications from Gary Boggs that may have inferred things about ASA that you are unsure of, you should first contact the officers and board members of ASA to see what they have to say about this. Most of us are out of town for the summer, but ARE available via phone, text, and email, which are posted on the ASA web page for members to access. You will see that all of us are in agreement that the ASA FaceBook page IS Board approved, with Joe Silvasi as its administrator, and we feel any other web pages with names similar are specific infringements of the copyrighted Arizona Soaring Association name, and are not supported by the leaders. For several weeks board members have tried to work with Gary Boggs, but discussions have not been very productive. Gary Boggs (or anyone else, for that matter) is free to have as many FaceBook pages as he wants, but not with names that infer official ASA involvement. Soaring needs COOPERATION in promotion of the sport, not division. We wish he was willing to work WITH ASA and not against it. Hopefully, the current situation can be reversed as the activity increases during the rest of the year.

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