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waveguruReply: posted - 5 August 2016 13:18
1315, the sun is out. 12mph wind from around 30°
waveguruReply: posted - 5 August 2016 9:41
Still raining here as of 9:40. Looking at the sat loops I still think this will pass and it will be soarable this afternoon. We'll see...
waveguruReply: posted - 5 August 2016 7:49
The weather looks good and the chicken is cut up and seasoned and the beer is on ice. Follow updates here:



lmurrayReply: posted - 4 August 2016 14:20
I love your BBQ chicken, Gary. My mouth watered when I saw the photo of the chicken. Wish I could be there, but I'm in Wisconsin for the summer. Perhaps in the fall.


jsilvasiReply: posted - 4 August 2016 14:17
I have other plans this weekend and will not be able to attend.

Joe Silvasi

Tom DukerichReply: posted - 4 August 2016 14:09
Wish I could make it. I'm not current and I have a prior commitment. Have fun and safe flying.
waveguruReply: posted - 4 August 2016 7:21
The soaring forecast continues to improve for this weekend.
Steve KoernerReply: posted - 3 August 2016 20:19
GW will be at Uvalde.
Christopher AniolReply: posted - 3 August 2016 12:19
CA1 will be there Friday and Saturday. Sure would be nice to have some company. In addition to Gary's chicken ( it is very good by the way!), I will bring polish sausage and Beck's to wash it down with.
waveguruStart of thread: posted - 3 August 2016 0:26
To celebrate the return of the Monsoons and cumulus covered skies, I will be serving my famous BBQed chicken at the flight debriefings this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (8/5 thru 8/7) for club members and friends here at P48. BYOB and let's have some fun. Please RSVP so I will have enough bird. Feel free to bring your own meat and what ever else you want as well. There will be plenty of room on the grill.


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