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jsilvasiReply: posted - 4 August 2016 15:46
For the record, the remainder of the board has not accepted my resignation as yet and to correct Gary's earlier post, this thread was started BEFORE having done so. Sorry, you are still stuck with me !

The ASA is an "Umbrella" organization designed to support soaring across the Great State of Arizona, that is both commercial and club organizations. ASA members as well as those of many individual organizations for other avocations choose to also support a larger statewide and national umbrella organization without affecting their loyaly to either. By your logic, if I were to become an SSA director, should file my OLC points instead for the SSA ? There is certainly no provision that requires ASA members post to this organization - or any other - or at all.

In fact, there are a great number of ASA members that belong to other soaring organizations or are "free birds" with no affiliation. From time to time, some members have chosen to support the ASA financially dispite not being actively involved in soaring aviation or living in the area. Many active pilots have chosen to post their OLC results to their respective organization, the ASA, or in some instances, do not post to any organization including the ASA, at all !! None of those should be interpreted as not desiring to support the ASA which is a VOLUNTEER organization.

It's simply a matter of personal preference. Their choice. Their RIGHT! to do as they see fit.

Since the ASA is an Umbrella organization, all of those options are certainly appropriate. My underdtanding was and still remains that filing OLC points to ASA is a stopgap for those "free bird" pilots who are unaffiliated with any other specific operation. Prior to becoming president but still an ASA member, my OLC flights were earmarked for the TuSC where I was a full member. Only after the end of my Board term at TuSC and becoming ASA president and changing my TuSC status to "Guest" because of the workload, did I change my OLC affiliation to ASA. I did this to bolster my ability to fly at other locations across the state in support of the ASA by being visible. To date I have flown at every soaring venue in the state in support of the ASA. As a full member at TuSC once again, I still plan to do that. One could ask what other soaring operations have you supported in Arizona ??

With lackluster participation in the ASA that is now at the lowest historical level ever, I decided to rejoin TuSC as a full member earlier this year **and** thus direct my OLC filings to TuSC. My preference. My choice. My right ! to do as I see fit while continuing to support other soaring operations thruout the Great State of Arizona when and where possible as well as the ASA.

Not that any of this is really any of your business.

Joe Silvasi

waveguruReply: posted - 4 August 2016 14:34
Yes. He certainly has that right and it's really no big deal. I just hope we can get some people to run this club that are into our club enough to post thier flights under our flag. I didn't realize when I posted this that he had already stepped down as president.
lmurrayReply: posted - 4 August 2016 14:26
Since Joe is a member of two clubs I think he has the right to use either. There is probably a strategy he is thinking about when he did it but I don't know what it was. I got some grief from my Wisconsin club members when I posted my AZ flights to OLC crediting the Wisconsin Soaring Society. I think they thought I hadn't earned the right to beat their records since I was flying in Arizona. Some might say that you shouldn't be posting your commercial flights on OLC. For me it isn't a problem.
waveguruStart of thread: posted - 10 July 2016 6:32
It's pretty telling and sad when the president of our club doesn't even post his flights under the clubs name on OLC? Maybe I'll switch to another affiliation too...

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