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Cliff HiltyReply: posted - 25 May 2016 7:22
Tuesday was better than Monday especially late. Some of us managed to get into wave over the Tucson mtns and Steve Farhner got to 14.2k top were generally in the 10 to 11k. Did 330k. Planning on no fly tomorrow as the wind is going to peak at 25. Looks like Thursday thru Sunday will be increasingly better!
Cliff HiltyReply: posted - 22 May 2016 23:00
Yes flew today, not good for most couldn't get away alittle to windy. I managed to eek out a 250k by leaving early and getting south before it got worse. Tried for 300k but higher winds and an increased inversion at around 6k shut me down early😞
waveguruReply: posted - 22 May 2016 10:32
Are you flying today (Sunday)?
jsilvasiReply: posted - 21 May 2016 17:17
Forecast high winds and low top of lift made us decide to bag the day. A high stratus level further conspired to make the day very short. So a group of us went up to the top of Mt. Lemmon for lunch at the Sawmill Inn. Waaaaay kool drive up to the summit where the temps were cool. A highly recommended side trip if you are ever down in Tucson looking for something to do. We will wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Joe Silvasi

jsilvasiStart of thread: posted - 21 May 2016 7:45
Despite honking' big winds from the south for the opening day of the TuSC OLC/XC/FAI Challenge Week at El Tiro, some great flights were posted to OLC by ASA and TuSC pilots. Randy Acree lead the pack with a 570km flight netting almost 637 points (http://www.onlinecontest.org/olc-2.0/gliding/flightinfo.html?dsId=5049744). the second best flight was a 535 km flight by Cliff Hilty for almost 563 points (http://www.onlinecontest.org/olc-2.0/gliding/flightinfo.html?dsId=5049649). Close behind Cliff close was Erik Redweik with a 482 km flight for almost 560 points (http://www.onlinecontest.org/olc-2.0/gliding/flightinfo.html?dsId=5049694). Joe Kutscha rounded out the pack with a 308 km flight for a little over 350 points (). The preferred routing for all pilots was downwind to the northeast with Cliff going almost clear up to Show Low !

Todays weather is not looking too good, so the days flying is literally "up in the air".

Joe Silvasi

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