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Bob ThompsonStart of thread: posted - 3 May 2016 8:28
Yesterday (Monday) was a great soaring day. 3 of us (19,48,DH) had planned on heading out to PVA today, but a sky full of cu moved that up a day. We were all late getting out there as Nigel was on a hike, I was shopping with Janis, and Dennis was doing yard work. However, out we went anyway. I was first off and was instantly in lift. Could have pinned off at 500' over the race track but waited til 1.2 with the vario screaming over 10 kts up. That took me to 9k over the west end of the PVA runway. Soon we were all off heading nw. 48 came zooming past me when we were west of Red Mines and I watched him past Yarnell. I hit big sink there, so headed towards Date Creek, and directly above that airport hit base again and headed to the Harquvars. Looked at my watch when north of Salome and remembered we had a dinner date with friends, so turned and headed back. The last cloud on the way back, just north of Ranta, was another 10 kt boomer, and headed east into a bouyant air. Back down around 7-8k east of Lake Pleasant the air got VERY bumpy and lifty. Turned New River and had to open the boards most of the way back to PVA to get down. Ended up with 316k. 48 had a superb flight to Yarnell, Baghdad, short of Brenda, and back. His goal of 500k, which needed a glide to Carefree, was cut short (441k)by the trahy and sinky air east of Lake Pleasant, but he still had a worthwhile flight. DH was happy too, with his 263k flight. Check our our OLC flights. Dave Nelson, with his 21m ASH 31m had a 516k flight out of Esrella also. A great day for 31m's. Sure was nice to FINALLY get in a good flight, after all the very windy and trashy air so far this year for me. Heading over to Goodyear Airport today with Ted Grussing to check out the Solar Eclipse.

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