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jsilvasiReply: posted - 6 May 2016 7:21
Ironically, the specific reason I switched to the InReach was the text based messaging capability. (Of course, that capability is made possible by the display which sadly the SPOT lacks.) It goes thru the Iridium satellite system, then into the cellular network. This is of primary concern when landing out and there is **NO CELLULAR SERVICE** which happens quite frequently here in the west. Yeah, the "canned" messages on SPOT do the same, but I can compose and read messages right on the InReach which in an emergent landout situation gives, IMHO, a significant advantage to my comfort and/or survival as necessary.

Interesting point about the Garmin purchase of DeLorme, I was unaware of that development. It will be interesting to see how that moves forward.

Joe Silvasi

Nigel CrippsReply: posted - 5 May 2016 17:47
I switched to inReach 2 or 3 years ago. I can't say I use it any differently that the Spot I had before, but my thought is the technology is more advanced and it might be easier to send texts if I get into a fix some time. It definitely has a more reassuring user interface. As a viewer of other pilots' inReach tracking, I like the altitude reporting.

Delorme was recently bought by Garmin so we might hope to see more development of the product.

Cliff HiltyReply: posted - 5 May 2016 14:25
I never did think that the inreach was worth the extra money, I still have the first spot. If I really want to text someone I'll turn on my phone. And as far as the altitude thing is over kill for me. I use the "OK" button to tell Rose that I've taken off and then again when back, the help simply says "I've landed out and to initiate a retrieve. My partner has a Spot tracker in our power plane that also links to Flight service for when we file a flight plan. If you forget to close they check it and if you are at your destination they auto close for you.
jsilvasiReply: posted - 5 May 2016 11:19
While that's true for the "Safety Plan" where you pay $11.95 per month **PLUS** $0.10 per location ping, it is **NOT** true with the "Recreation", "Expedition" and "Extreme" plans where location pings are **UNLIMITED**.

So, think about this: For the difference in the cost of the "Recreation" plan over the cost of the "Safety" plan ($24.95 - $11.95 = $13.00), that means at a 10 minute sampling interval (6 pings/hr.), you need to make 130 pings/mo. to break even which is just a little over 21 hours of location operation. If you turn the device on when you push out to the line ('cuz I don't want to forget to turn it on!), take a 5 hour flight, push back to the tie down area and turn it off, you've probably had it on for 7 hours. In 3 flights/mo. you've broken even! **PLUS**, it reports altitude which the SPOT doesn't; it permits 2 way messaging which the SPOT doesn't; and the link you give to all your friends that you want to follow you is really easy to remember compared to the gobble gook link from SPOT. Remember, on the "Safety" plan you are spending $12/mo. before you even turn it on and if you are cutting your flights short because you don't want to pay the $0.10/location ping cost, you are selling yourself short.

Joe Silvasi

HiltonReply: posted - 4 May 2016 22:56
Don't forget to turn it off when you land, unlike Spot, it keeps charging you .10 per hit, this can really add up, wait till you see that bill. Don't bother calling to tell them you forgot to turn it off, also look at all the additional charges they throw in. I switched back to Spot !!!

Steve KoernerReply: posted - 21 April 2016 18:09
Agree that CN website isn't great. Yet the service they provide is great. I've gotten fast turnaround on all of my issues over the years. That's not possible with a unit made in Europe.
jsilvasiReply: posted - 21 April 2016 14:42
I respect your decision on he SN10 Tom. It never quite settled in for me either since I started with SeeYou Mobile first and then transitioned to the ClearNav. The SN10 was a backup system, but when the GPS unit went south, it made the decision to abandon it and the expensive panel real estate much easier to make. I replaced it with the ClearNav Vario (mechanical display) with the XC license option last year so I would have a "single vendor" solution with the ClearNav display. I had mixed feeling about it last year as a vary - mostly because I had a mechanical vary in the TE line with it and the LxNav V3. But I've since removed the mechanical and I am much happier with it's performance in the vario category. However, it is not without it's quirks! The display is is horrible if you need to cycle thru the screens and nearly invisible when in one of the flight modes. No wonder they came up with the digital XC display unit ! (I may need to add one of them. But there goes that valuable panel real estate!) It is not user friendly when it comes to managing turn point and airspace files and profiles are a nightmare. Don't get me started on programming a task which is the primary reason I bought it as a backup flight computer. The jury is still out - I've decided to give it thru this season before I make a decision to stick with it or not. I am not particularly keen on ClearNav's decision to discontinue support of the CNd v 1. At the very least I think they should release the software into the public domain so that owners who are so inclined can apply their own updates and upgrades to it rather than being expected to shuck out a grand (or more) to upgrade to the CNd V 2. However, I really love the CNd !! I've been experimenting with iGlide Pro on my iPad mini and do like many of it's features, particularly the thermal assistant. Without a doubt, it is the best one I've ever flown with. But there are also issues with that as well such non-standard and non-verifiable airspace files and conflicts between terrain and turn point files.

As for the sailplane tracker link on the ASA menu bar, when the SSA went with Pedja Bagdanovich's sailplane locator, it put Hawke Tracking out of business overnight. I setup links to go directly to the SSA sailplane locator page and removed the links for Hawke Tracking. At this years SSA convention, Pedja showed where the state of the art site is going - with a real time GPS tracking interface. To complete the picture, I became an SSA contest manager so that I could put up contest info - for people who register on the SSA website for a contest - and directly interface with GlidePort.Aero. The active contest web interface is far superior to Hawke Tracking and, is FREE.

Joe Silvasi

Tom DukerichReply: posted - 21 April 2016 14:03
Thanks for the input on inReach. I did choose the Recreation plan and updated the SSA tracking with my new link.

Speaking of sharing track info, our web site had a page for posting our links. Was in removed or can I just not find it? Probably redundant with the SSA link available. Just curious.

Joe - never was a fan of the SN10. I blame it on the fact that I learned SeeYou Mobile first and for whatever reason the SN10 never sunk in.

Steve - I did spend time on CN web site and found the website annoying. I know that is petty, just my honest reaction. The website will not be the deciding factor so I will give CN a fair shake.

Steve KoernerReply: posted - 21 April 2016 10:02
Regarding the vario, I don't have experience with the S10 but I would highly recommend the new ClearNav vario. For years I've been hounding CN to add a thermal director like the thermal director in WinPilot. They finally did it and it works very well -- better than WinPilot. It gives a definite advantage in staying in difficult thermals.
Steve KoernerReply: posted - 21 April 2016 9:25
The big benefit of the recreation plan is that it's unlimited data and low cost. I don't like having to worry about overages.

The down side is that you are limited to 10 minute sampling -- plenty fast enough for the horse and the sailboat but a bit marginal for the airplane and the glider.

jsilvasiReply: posted - 21 April 2016 8:12
I have the recreation plan for 24.95 a month (all 12 months) with 10 minute reporting intervals. Of course they add in the obligatory Fed USF Cellular and Telecommunications Sales Tax to the bill which totals 26.45 per month. That's a little less than double what I was paying for SPOT, but I feel the unit is much more reliable, easier to use and also sends altitude information which the SPOT does not. Of small consequence, I also find the support better than SPOT if I have to call DeLorme.

I have an SN10B, two RAS meters, remote controller and USB/remote head (no GPS) sitting here for $650 if you are interested.

Joe Silvasi

Tom DukerichStart of thread: posted - 20 April 2016 21:09
Looking for some guidance. I cancelled my Spot Messenger and purchased an inReach SE. I did search through RAS for what others have subscribed to for their service plan, but if you could let me know what works best for your average weekend glider pilot, I would appreciate it.

If you want to send me a private email, tdukerich@gmail.com.


PS: My Cambridge 302 has the Garmin UTC issue so I may be looking for opinions on which direction to take; send the 302 in for repair or upgrade to a new gizmo. After speaking to my soaring adviser this morning, I've been drooling over the LXNAV S10.

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