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Tom DukerichReply: posted - 18 April 2016 14:45
The folks at Potters probably miss you Mike and would love if you stopped in.

con las vacas

Michael StringfellowReply: posted - 18 April 2016 14:17
GW's igc file shows a final glide from around 8,000 feet just north of Bakers Acres to Estrella with a 6 to 10 knot head wind. I would not have been happy down there!

Mike the Strike

Ventus 2bx WA

Steve KoernerReply: posted - 18 April 2016 9:18
I was holding my breath too. I had a long zero-zero glide into the wind back to Estrella. I arrived at 700 ft so I couldn't go close my triangle - darn it.
Michael StringfellowReply: posted - 17 April 2016 21:57
Nine out of the ten top OLC USA flights on Sunday originated in Arizona - one from Sampleys, two from Estrella and the rest from El Tiro. CH from Sampley's was number one in distance, GW from Estrella had the longest distance and third fastest flight. Eric Redweik was the furthest and fastest from El Tiro, with over 500 km at nearly 100 km/h.

Home sick, I was watching the tracker and holding my breath for GW as he was running out of lift and daylight on the final run home.

Mike the Strike

Ventus 2bx WA

lmurrayReply: posted - 17 April 2016 8:00
A week later. Dave had another good flight along with Chris Aniol, and Bill Snead form Texas visiting me and fling from Estrella.

Here is what I posted on Arizona Soaring Association FB page:

Saturday, April 16th was a good day for soaring in Arizona.
Chris Aniol, David Nelson and Bill Snead, placed in the top five for US flights on OLC placing 1st, 2nd and 5th respectively. Congratulations. Bill was visiting from Texas and flew a PW-5.

The 19 kt winds out of the NW were an issue.


DavidnStart of thread: posted - 10 April 2016 15:22
About Saturday:
Arriving at the Estrella Sailport around 10:00AM before I could even reach the hanger I was greeted by Ben (“The” line guy), with a “High Dave” and a friendly wave. Rounding the corner I no sooner stepped on the hard surface and Jason (you know “The Guy”) greeted me with “How’s it going Dave”. Two steps later a young man introduced himself as Kyle (the new tow pilot). Entering the hanger I was greeted by Pete (B6). This went on for quite a few minutes before I met darn near everyone. It reminded me of the sit-com Cheers when Norm enters the bar.

As we all politely fought our way to the front of the hanger and to the launch line, I observed: Apparent students launching and landing. Jason and passenger in the Fox are returning from I assume an Acro flight and later launch again.

I had noticed a different trailer, near the shade hanger, 2T. Later in the day I met Larry, the new owner of a beautiful LS8 (?). I probably saw his first takeoff and landing in that machine. Larry had had a great day. (Do you remember getting your first car?) His grin was bigger than that.

Betty come out and we have a short pleasant chat. (What a Gal)

My turn to launch. I self launched and it was a good thing too. Had I used a tow plane I probably would have beat him back to the runway. After an inflight re-light, things didn’t get much better and I struggled down low polishing rocks.

I saw the trainers flying around me, the red 136 up high and going all over the small and big ridges. I saw and heard Pete (B6) up high after getting low and struggling to get high again.

Frank (H8) is on the radio he can’t get above 6500’. (I’m at 3000 and the vario isn’t singing many high notes)

Mike is everywhere. I find out later he had one of his best flights. Over 4 hours of flying and probably the record altitude reached for the day of 11,300’.

My situation improves and I joint the gaggle. There are gliders everywhere. This is a good thing. The trainers, Grobs, 126, 136 and the Genesis Jason’s whole air force is up and most of the private sailplanes as well.

I recognized Neil’s (FC) voice. He’s checking with Hidden Valley about skydiving in the area. Frank (H8) has bummed a ride with Neil.

About 3:30 or 4, I hear the Arizona Soaring Association entering the pattern up at Pleasant Valley after the first day of a fun contest. I recognize Bob (19), Joe (QRP) and Chris’s voice on the radio and hope they had a great day.

Where’s Lee (BB)?

I go home and enter my flight’s “.igc” file to the On Line Contest website. I noticed that the guys at El Tiro have had a good do too. Randy and Ron from Tucson Glider Club say, “If it isn’t on OLC – It didn’t happen”.

After reviewing my flight on SeeYou, I reevaluate the day. It was one of the best flights of the year and one of the best days this winter.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember this is Paradise and not Fantasy Land.

Although, -- I didn’t get invited to the Swedish Bikini Soaring Team’s debrief, so it’s probably Paradise.

Who had the best day? I think we all finished pretty high in the ranking.

Dave (XV)

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