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Log files for 5/24/2014 [ElTiro]
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PilotFile sizeDate/timeFileDeclaration/Turnpoints 
ACAndy Reichenberger14834518:58 6/2/201445ox1yq2.igc
AV8Randy Acree38094318:57 6/2/201445ogf4t1.igc
WAMichael Stringfellow52371618:56 6/2/201445og8lk1.igc
C14Greg Hodgins26095518:55 6/2/201445odf4o1.igc
48Nigel Cripps22684906:15 5/30/201445ov7hz2.igc
GY Andy Durbin32700508:03 5/27/201445oc3gp1_2.igc
GW Steve Koerner20051908:53 5/26/20142014-05-24-nkl-0un-01.igc
CH Cliff Hilty41121117:54 5/25/201445og8mz3.igccompleted task
QRP jsilvasi30215507:02 5/25/201445og8os1.igc
SWEric Redweik26975822:26 5/24/201445olnaa1.zip
IC Mike Parker36046916:33 5/24/20142014-05-24-nkl-0um-01.igc158,104

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