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DayLocationOpen for sign upResultsFilesCommentsCD
4/5/2014NWSSNoResults 11 log files  BBQ at NWSS  GW
4/6/2014NWSSNoResults 8 log files   GW
5/3/2014SampleysNoCancelled  CH
5/4/2014SampleysNo Cancelled  CH
5/24/2014ElTiroNoResults 11 log files   SW
5/25/2014ElTiroNoResults 10 log files   SW
5/26/2014ElTiroNoResults 10 log files   SW
6/7/2014EstrellaNoCancelled  -
6/8/2014EstrellaNoCancelled  -
7/4/2014ElTiroNo1 log file Cancelled  SW
7/5/2014ElTiroNoCancelled  SW
7/6/2014ElTiroNoResults 1 log file   SW
8/2/2014EstrellaNoCancelled  -
8/3/2014EstrellaNoCancelled  -
8/30/2014ElTiroNoCancelled  WA
8/31/2014ElTiroNoCancelled  WA
9/1/2014ElTiroNoCancelled  WA
9/27/2014NWSSNoCancelled  tbd
9/28/2014NWSSNoCancelled  tbd
10/18/2014SampleysNoResults 2 log files   CH
10/19/2014SampleysNoResults 1 zip file
2 log files 

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