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Air Currents
For many years ASA published the monthly newsletter 'Air Currents'. Air Currents was a forum for the exchange of news, ideas, personal experiences, and technical data and classified ads. Articles and columns by ASA members were featured along with updates from other soaring clubs throughout the country and from the Soaring Society of America. In addition, Air Currents served as a calendar and chronicle for various other ASA activities.

In recent years the ASA's website has become a more immediate source for much of the same information, and so the newsletter is not currently being published, however copies of Air Curents issued in electronic format from 1997 to 2003 can be viewed from the lists below:

2003  2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997
Q1 2003 January/
January   January January
Q2 2003 July February February Feburary February
Q3 2003 August/
March March March March
Q4 2003 November/
April April April April
Summer 2002 May   May  May
June June June
July July July July
August August August August
September September September September
October  October     
November November   November
December     December

Collected Classics of Soaring
Collected Classics of Soaring, an illustrated hardcover book edited by Trish Durbin and published by ASA, contains a complete history of the Arizona Soaring Association. It documents how ASA was started, its struggle for survival as it wandered from airfield to airfield, and how it became the club it is today. Collected Classics, which also includes soaring yarns from all over USA, is recommended reading for all new members.

To purchase your copy send $20 plus $3 for shipping to:

17440 N. 60th Drive
Glendale, AZ 85308

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