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Directors and Officers
(Please see Members section for contact info)
Directors (two calendar year terms) Board@ASA-Soaring.org
2021-2022 Brian LaBorde
2021-2022 Mark Donnelly
2020-2021 Lee Murray
2020-2021 Martin Umberger

Officers for 2021 (Elected from the Board of Directors or appointed each January)
President Lee Murray President@ASA-Soaring.org
Vice President Brian LaBorde VP@ASA-Soaring.org
Secretary Martin Umberger Secretary@ASA-Soaring.org
Treasurer Cliff Hilty Treasurer@ASA-Soaring.org

Contest Manager (position vacant)
Membership Mark Donnelly Membership@ASA-Soaring.org
Social Director (position vacant)
Meeting Programs (position vacant)
Safety Director (position vacant)
Airspace Advisor (position vacant)
WebMaster Joe Silvasi Webmaster@ASA-Soaring.org
Oxygen Maintenance & Training
(Cart located at Estrella Sailport)
Brian LaBorde O2@ASA-Soaring.org
Legal Advisor Peter Van Camp

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