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Directors and Officers
(Please see Members section for contact info)
Directors (two calendar year terms)
2017-2018 Joe Silvasi
2017-2018 Cliff Hilty
2018-2019 Lee Murray
2018-2019 Martin Umberger (appointed to fill the remainder of Andy Reichenberer's term)

Officers for 2018 (Elected from the Board of Directors or appointed each January)
President Joe Silvasi
Vice President (position vacant)
Secretary Lee Murray
Treasurer Cliff Hilty

Contest Manager Cliff Hilty
Membership The Board
Social Director (position vacant)
Meeting Programs (position vacant)
Safety Director (position vacant)
Airspace Advisor (position vacant)
WebMaster Joe Silvasi
Oxygen Maintenance & Training
(Cart located at Estrella Sailport)
Lee Murray
Legal Advisor Peter Van Camp

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