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ASA membership is open to all those interested in any facet of soaring. Some advantages of ASA membership are:

Flying Gliders & Safety
  • Mentoring for new pilots - general technique, thermaling technique, soaring, cross country, reading the weather, SSA and FAI badges and racing
  • Seminars Intro to Cross Country, Intro to Racing
  • Task planning
  • SPOT tracking for members on ASA website of SPOT equipped gliders
choice_sm.jpg Aircraft Ownersship
  • Advice provided for new pilots in determining what glider(s) would be best to purchase
  • Advice provided for new pilots to form partnerships to purchase a glider (to keep the cost lower to each individual pilot)
  • Aircraft Annual Weekend - ASA schedules a day for members to get their gliders annual inspections
  • Glider "demo" days
  • Advice provided to help understand different instruments and software
Flying Activities
  • Contests, including the ASA Contest Series - fly new sites!
  • Oxygen fills - ASA has an oxygen cart to provide O2 for members who sign up for the service
  • Help with wings during assembly and disassembly at the gliderport
  • Retrieves
  • Parachute packing week - just prior to soaring season, ASA gathers parachutes for packing by a Master Rigger at a group rate and no charge for shipping
choice_sm.jpg Social Activities
  • Spring "Beginning of Soaring Season" Party
  • BBQ's - dinners / social affairs are scheduled at most ASA Contest Series events
  • Annual Holiday / Christmas and Contest Series Awards Party
  • A group of other pilots to relax and share stories with at the end of a good soaring day
  • And most importantly good friends!

ASA Membership meetings

ASA General Membership Meetings are scheduled on the fourth Tuesday of each month. Topics discussed include activity reports and special interest programs. Through guest speakers, films, slide presentations, and panel discussions, we explore not only our own multi-faceted sport, but also its niche within the general aviation community. The general public is welcome to attend. Whether novice or experienced pilot, programs on basic and advanced training, safety, cross country, and competition might pique your interest in a new soaring goal. Programs on other areas of sport aviation have included hot air ballooning, home built aircraft, hang gliding, aerobatics and parachuting.

For further details

Please contact mark Donnelly, ASA Membership Chairman, at 623-337-4605. 

Click here for a membership application. Print it, fill it in and send with your check to:

Arizona Soaring Association
c/o Mark Donnelly
18180 W Narramore Rd
Goodyear, AZ 85338

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