The Arizona Soaring Association is a chapter of the Soaring Society of America. It is a non-profit corporation in the State of Arizona for the purpose of fostering the sport and science of soaring and educating the public on motorless flight in Arizona.

Officers and Directors, 1998

President Bill Bartell 830-591-1769
Vice President John Goodman 395-9334
Secretary Jeff Turner 940-4050
Treasurer Tony Smolder 942-6519
Director Jim Burch 942-2734
Director Bob Blakemore 483-6482
Director Cliff Hilty 374-5387
Director Kirk Stant 933-1572


Ship Manager Kirk Stant 933-1572
Contest Manager Tony Smolder 942-6519
Equipment Jeff Turner 940-4050
Legal Advisor Bob von Hellens 954-8015
Membership Arnie Jurn 279-7840
Newsletter Ed Doug Bell 566-3593
Airspace Bob von Hellens 954-8015
Safety Open
Historian Ruth Petry 274-3968


Tuesday, June 23, 7pm General Membership Meeting Barros Pizza - Coral Gables & 7th Street, Phoenix
Tuesday, July 28, 7pm General Membership Meeting Barros Pizza - Coral Gables & 7th Street, Phoenix



Saturday, June 13 ASA Contest Series Willcox Neil McLeod

Sunday, June 14 ASA Contest Series Willcox Ralph Bergh

June 20-28 Parowan ‘98 Parowan, Utah Bob Blakemore

Saturday, July 25 ASA Contest Series Estrella Bill Prokes

Sunday, July 26 ASA Contest Series Estrella Alan Reeter

Saturday, August 22 ASA Contest Series Turf Tony Smolder

Sunday, August 23 ASA Contest Series Turf Hans Heydrich

Saturday, Sept 5 ASA Contest Series Estrella Casey Lenox

Sunday, Sept 6 ASA Contest Series Estrella Bob Hurni

Monday, Sept 7 ASA Contest Series Estrella Andy Durbin

Saturday, Sept 19 ASA Contest Series El-Tiro John Leibacher

Sunday, Sept 20 ASA Contest Series El-Tiro Mike Parker

Do You Want the Club to Buy a 2-Place Ship?

It is up to you. The club has done polls, phone surveys, etc. The overwhelming response in every case was YES. Now all those yes votes have to be backed up by a commitment if this is to become a reality.

The plan is purchase a 2-place Lark. For those of you not familiar, it is a high-performance 2-seat metal glider with a 17 meter wing span and a 34:1 glide ratio.

We have to raise $10,000 (in addition to what we got for selling the 1-34) to cover the cost of the plane, trailer, and 2 years of operating expenses.

We are going to raise the money by selling flight time in advance. Tickets good for 1 flight are being sold for $35 each (or 3 for $100). These tickets will be valid for 2 years after the ship arrives. Each ticket is good for 1 flight, regardless of that flight’s duration. However, local flights are requested to be scheduled for no more than 2 hours. Badge, record, and contest flights can be scheduled for longer periods.

Tickets are transferable to another ASA member, youth scholarship fund, or organization that the ASA recognizes or supports. Thus, even if you have no desire to fly this ship you can purchase tickets and donate them to the youth scholarship fund which will help get more young people into soaring.

Checks received will be held (and not cashed) until after the deadline for the offer. If $10,000 is raised by that time we will cash those checks and go buy a glider. If the goal is not reached, the board will have to consider a new course of action. Checks being held will be returned or destroyed.

In order to keep this from dragging on forever we have made this offer only valid for a 2 month period which will end on Tuesday, June 23rd (at the membership meeting at Barros Pizza). So if you want the club to get a 2-place ship, the time is now to cast your vote (send a check!). Please take note that good intentions without a check is the same as a no vote.

It is time to vote…. With your checkbook!

Any questions, concerns, etc? Call John Goodman at 395-9334

Make checks payable to ASA and send them to: Tony Smolder

17223 N. 31st Drive

Phoenix, AZ. 85023

P.S. - as of 5/26/98 we have collected $1,900 from members towards the goal of $10,000. A good start, but there is a long way to go!

Club Grob 102 Scheduled for Parowan

by Doug Bell

Parowan ’98 is scheduled from June 20th through June 28th. The club Grob 102 has been approved to be taken to Parowan during this time. It is currently scheduled to be away from Turf from Wednesday June 24th through Sunday June 28th. Members interested in flying the ship at Parowan between June 20th and June 24th (inclusive), and willing to get it up there prior to the 24th, should get approval from the Aircraft Manager (Kirk Stant - 933-1572) and coordinate with Doug Bell (566-3593).


Parowan 97 - A Different View (Part 2)

by Jim Vanderzyl

(When we last left our hero, he was trapped in Bahrain suffering from a severe case of GWS (glider withdrawal symptoms). He was in the planning stages of a trip to the diamond mines of Utah to his salve his injured psyche. Join him once again in his adventure to Parowan. -ed)

Arrival in Soaring Mecca:

After several weeks in Myrtle Beach; I headed off to Soaring Mecca North (Parowan). Getting off the commuter, I noticed several guys hanging on the fence, peering through like they were prisoners. Actually, they were prisoners of their own excess the night before. As I greeted my fellow ASA members, I knew I would be the only pilot legally capable of flying today. It was Bob Blakemore that got to me first; expounding on the glide ratio of his newly acquired Flegen wasser super bomberinhiemer (Nimbus 3). After a 13,500 mile trip, it was hard to say no to the Nimbus ride offer. The rest of the crew was just as gracious with the lending of their prized possessions, it was just that Mr. Blakemore was acting the part of a bank executive pressuring the deal. I submitted to his water bomber after less than 5 minutes of high pressure negotiations..

Life is a 7 knot Thermal

As I sat in the cockpit of this fraulein, Bob (GZ) leans over and begins the standard rundown of instruments, techniques, cautions, warnings, etc. Last night’s beers permeated the outside classroom. I remembered Bob’s warnings: "Don’t let it get slow in the turn; she’ll snap on you in a second and your dead", "Watch the bank as the stall speed goes up", "Keep the flaps at negative till your at flying speed then slowly go positive, but not too fast or she’ll balloon", "As soon as you touch down go negative on the flaps to keep her down or you’ll loose her", "Gotta kinda hold that flap lever in place as the detent is worn, just keep your hand on it". The last warning was at the end of the 15 minute rundown on the entire bird.

So there I sat, in the middle of 80 feet of wing, tips less than a foot off the ground, and a huge Pratt and Whitney radial at the end of a rope making a "chuga,…. ka-chuga,…ka-chuga" sound. I was ready! The towline was taught, then yank- and over 325hp made that German piece of fiberglass beg for mercy. The wing dropped a little, then up but no scrape! Flaps from negative, lift-off. What’s this light on the controls stuff. This thing’s a beast-Two hands required! Anyway tow to altitude was no problem.

Thermalling was only a problem due to the P-51 type strength required to move the controls- no feather this one. So up to 13,000’ and time to explore. Sixty to one is an awesome feeling, out north and then toward Cedar city. Reaching 60 degrees of bank in the turn, I had a nice 7 knot thermal- cored and up to 15,000’. God it was good to be soaring again!

Humility is a good lesson:

So after a couple of hours of cruising around in a bird with a wingspan close to that of a Boeing 737, it was time to land. O.K., I’ll fly a few practice approaches at altitude-easy enough. After three of these it was time for the real thing. Set up on downwind with gear 75 knots, base turn 65 knots, little flap, final at 60 knots. Aimpoint-airspeed, looks good; cross the threshold at 55 knots, getting a little slow, nose down, looking good. five feet in the air, let her down, right on centerline. Flaps to negative, holding true and slowing down, about 20 knots now…… why is that wing dropping? Aileron opposite, bounce left wing, bounce right wing, man I’m starting to swerve, 15 knots maybe……full brakes, swerve is diverging,………this is not going to be pretty. We’re going to depart the prepared surface!

A moment that will never be forgotten: a borrowed ship, 45 degrees off from centerline, wing just sliced through a runway light, leaving the runway. I was along for the ride, estimating damage as the tail seemed to raise in the air, the Nimbus spun through the remainder of 180 degrees, and we came to rest. Dust was everywhere, I felt like I was sitting on the ground (was the gear sheared?). Well time to assess the damage.

The Owners View:

From his vantage point at the end of the runway, Mr. Blakemore watched in horror as his prized fraulein was being mistreated. His first words as the dust settled were: "Do you think he’s O.K.", then quickly followed by the real question: "Do you think he hurt it?".

Things are not as bad as they first Appear:

Well, as the canopy came open and I stood up, I noticed the boom was still attached: good, This low feeling in the dirt was just dust; gear still attached. Wings still on, look smooth. Just then the crowd arrived and like good fellow glass lovers they immediately began to survey damage. I do not know how it happened but we almost created more dings putting the bird into the trailer, than the ground loop. Inspection revealed the flap lever in a positive position; deadly for the rollout as ailerons lose control as you slow down. I had not kept my hand firmly on the flap lever and it must have slipped on the worn detent. My mistake - I was briefed. However, the ship was not only flyable, but went relatively unscathed as well. After a few beers the detailed inspection revealed a 1/8 in nick (1/2 radius) in the Gel-coat on the left wing leading edge- Fixed in 30 min by Rick Rubscha 2B and a few scratches on the left wing (bottom) that were later buffed out by John Goodman PT.

All in all, I was very lucky: Turning a Nimbus 3 around 180 degrees and virtually no damage. Others have done worse going off runways and making contact with runways lights! The Nimbus was a healthy German beast, you might say. My ego was almost destroyed; but Bob GZ said I would have to try it again in the morning to get it right! I had no intention of getting on that German bronco ever again.


It took John Goodman, PT, a great deal of courage to lend his ship to a now questionable pilot, but he was having a tough go of it the last couple of days, and he was planning to refinish the bird anyway, so he figured what the heck. What a ship, the LS-3a has to be one of the sweetest bird I have ever flown. This was to be what Parowan is all about; up to 16,000 feet (a low base for Utah), and a great 349 mile flight using four turnpoints. Thermals were broken at times, but some were the 60 degree bank 8 knot type! CH had ventured up to Mt Nebo that day, but in someone else’s ship I turned short. Others flew real declared Diamond Distances (500K triangle). All in all, a great day. The landing at the home field, this day, was uneventful.

A Lookback

Parowan is just one of those places that will stick in your memory forever. If you have a few days in July 98, travel the distance out of Arizona and give it a go. The flying is superb, the friends and company are irreplaceable, the equipment is first rate, and the weather is outstanding! You can race, set records, fly for fun, or just get out of the heat. Mark this year’s trek on you calendar and you will not regret it.

(Note, Parowan ’98 is scheduled for June 20 - 28. Bob Blakemore is the tour director. Contact him for lodging information and other details. -ed)

April Board Meeting Minutes

by Jeff Turner

The meeting was held at the home of Tony Smolder, 17223 N. 31st Dr., Phoenix, Arizona.

The meeting was called to order at 7:25 PM, A quorum was present.


Bob Blakemore, Jim Burch, John Goodman, Cliff Hilty, Bill Poore, Tony Smolder, Kirk Stant, Jeff Turner


The board meeting minutes from March were read and accepted without revision.

The treasurer presented a detailed checkbook register, with breakouts for each of the three categories; General, Contest, and Aircraft. A brief summary of balances is as follows:

Budget Category

General $ 2,454

Contest $ 2,224

Aircraft $ 13,809

Total Checking Account Balance $ 18,487

Kirk Stant presented a report on the activity and financials for the Grob for the first quarter of this year.

Glider Utilization, Jan through Mar 98:



@ Annual Rate

@ Hourly Rate

Month Flights Hours Flights Hours Flights Hours Income
Jan 7 4.7 4 2.2 3 2.5 $ 50.00
Feb 6 6.8 1 4 5 6.4 $ 128.00
Mar 18 19.1 12 10.9 6 8.2 $ 164.00
TOTALS 31 30.6 17 13.5 14 17.1 $ 342.00

Income: $ 74.00 Hourly fees from last quarter ’97

$ 600.00 New annual member

Expenses: $ 20.00 Flight manual reproduction

$ 240.00 G-102 tiedown fees for 1997

At this point Bob Blakemore submitted a paper that outlines the acquisition of a new club aircraft, it is as follows: (See May 98 Air Currents - ed)

Following much further discussion the board voted to put in motion a plan to purchase an additional club aircraft, the important points of which are as follows:

ASA plans to buy a 2-place Lark (and keep G-102)

$10,000 is required for purchase and operating expenses

Goal is to raise funds in 60 days

Funds to be raised by selling tickets at $35 each (or 3 tickets for $100)

Tickets are good for one flight (and valid for two years)

Money will be refunded if fund raising goal is not met

Running tally will be displayed on web page


A proposal to offer Barbara MacLean $100 to purchase an oxygen regulator was approved.

Tony will check with Inyokern contest CD to investigate if ASA can use and modify their graphic for the ASA to create t-shirts.

The next board meeting will be held Jeff Turner’s home on 5/5/98.

The meeting adjourned at 9:25 PM.

May Board Meeting Minutes

by Jeff Turner

The meeting was held at the home of Jeff Turner, 4195 W. Monterey St. Chandler, Arizona.

The meeting was called to order at 7:45 PM. A quorum was present.


Bill Bartell, Bob Blakemore, Jim Burch, John Goodman, Bill Poore, Kirk Stant, Jeff Turner


The board meeting minutes from April were read and accepted with one revision. The reference to a 4 flight hour limit for tickets to be sold in order to purchase a new club two-seat glider will be stricken. The sentence now reads "Tickets are good for one flight (and valid for two years)".

The treasurer phoned a brief report to the secretary just prior to the meeting. A brief summary of recent account activity is as follows:

Check for Turf Party Expenses (contest budget category) $ 147

Total Checking Account Balance $ 18,338

John Goodman was appointed to be the focal point for contact regarding the purchase of a two-place ship. A notice of this is to be included in the next newsletter. It was felt that having a single point of contact would prevent confusion and lend stability to the process as it progresses through fund-raising, search, and purchase phases. A list of the members who have purchased flight tickets for the two-seat ship will be included in the next newsletter.

Kirk Stant reported that the Grob is now generating substantial interest (and attracting new members). A brief report is as follows:

$1320 income has been generated to date

There are now 5 annual members.

Minor damage from a recent gear-up landing has been repaired, and the glider is flying again. The repairs included fixing a number of previous cosmetic blemishes, so that the glider is in better shape than prior to the accident.

The basic financial outline used to determine funds needed for the purchase of a new club two-seat aircraft is as follows:

Proceeds from sale of 1-34 $ 14,500

Subtract amount owed for Grob $ 4,000

Amount available for ship purchase $ 10,500

Est price of 2-place Lark & trailer $ 18,000

Two years operating expenses $ 2,500

Total for ship and operate expense $ 20,500

Total for ship and operate expense $ 20,500

Cash on hand for new ship purchase $ 10,500

Funds raised through flight tickets $ 10,000

A motion to place ASA cash assets in a cash management account with National Bank of Arizona Trust Department was approved unanimously. This will get the club some additional income yet the funds are available on a same day basis with only a phone call required. Bob Blakemore will handle getting the account set up.

The board voted to keep a minimum of $1,000 in the checking account (versus the new cash management account) to make it easier for the treasurer to bay bills etc on a day to day basis.

We have received permission to use the Inyokern contest graphic to make T-shirts. John Goodman will coordinate this activity.


A member has alerted the board that the fees for taking the Grob away from the field for an ASA contest essentially penalize those who fly the aircraft at contests at sites other than Turf. As a result, the board voted to make the following changes to the ASA Aircraft Operation Rules:

Paragraph D, Section II "Other flying Fees" has been deleted

The following paragraph will be added as Paragraph D, Section IV "Scheduling and Flights";

"The aircraft can be moved from the designated home airport for any ASA sanctioned event, otherwise permission to move the aircraft must be obtained from the ASA Aircraft Operations Officer. Additional fees may be assessed."

A bill for $188.00 has been received for expenses related to the cookout at Estrella. The board wishes to express it’s gratitude to the McAnernys for once again putting on a wonderful BBQ especially in light of the circumstances (rain, lightning, etc) that mother nature was imposing.

Bill Bartell is moving to Uvalde, Texas, but has agreed to serve his current term as board member and president. It is expected that this will be enabled by the modern miracles of the telephone and e-mail.

The next board meeting will be held at Bob Blakemore’s home on 6/2/98 at 7:00 PM.

The meeting adjourned at 9:20 PM.


For Sale: Gehrlein, open trailer Serial #228,, 15 meter set-up. New paint, electrical wiring, plywood $1,200

Parachute - Para-Phernalia, 28 foot "Softie" (28-572), Serial 1175-2 $650

One Person "Cobra" Wing Assembly/Rigging System. Brand New (purchased from Eastern Sailplane) $650

Wing Stand - Anodized Aluminum - like New, folds flat $75

Cambridge CAV-II Variometer, like new $350

Tony Spangler: Day 236-4450 Eve 839-5322

For Sale: Borgelt B100 Glider Computer

Complete with manuals and all updates

Lower PRICE $1900.00 takes it!

Bill Bartell, 830-591-1769