The Arizona Soaring Association is a chapter of the Soaring Society of America. It is a non-profit corporation in the State of Arizona for the purpose of fostering the sport and science of soaring and educating the public on motorless flight in Arizona.

Officers and Directors, 1998

President Bill Bartell 580-9270
Vice President John Goodman 395-9334
Secretary Jeff Turner 940-4050
Treasurer Tony Smolder 942-6519
Director Jim Burch 942-2734
Director Bob Blakemore 483-6482
Director Cliff Hilty 374-5387
Director Kirk Stant 933-1572


Ship Manager Kirk Stant 933-1572
Contest Manager Tony Smolder 942-6519
Equipment Jeff Turner 940-4050
Legal Advisor Bob von Hellens 954-8015
Membership Arnie Jurn 279-7840
Newsletter Ed Doug Bell 566-3593
Airspace Bob von Hellens 954-8015
Safety Open
Historian Ruth Petry 274-3968


Tuesday, February 24, 7pm General Membership Meeting Barros Pizza - Coral Gables & 7th Street, Phoenix

Tuesday, March 24, 7pm General Membership Meeting Barros Pizza - Coral Gables & 7th Street, Phoenix



Saturday, Feb 28 Annual Inspections Turf Doug Bell

Saturday, March 14 ASA Contest Series Turf (Practice) None - Practice

Sunday, March 15 ASA Contest Series Turf (Practice) None - Practice

Saturday, March 28 ASA Contest Series Estrella (Practice) None - Practice

Sunday, March 29 ASA Contest Series Estrella (Practice) None - Practice

Saturday, April 18 ASA Contest Series Turf Cliff Hilty

Sunday, April 19 ASA Contest Series Turf Bill Poore

Saturday, April 25 ASA Contest Series Estrella Bob von Hellens

Sunday, April 26 ASA Contest Series Estrella Bob Blakemore

Saturday, May 9 ASA Contest Series El-Tiro Mike McNulty

Sunday, May 10 ASA Contest Series El-Tiro Nilton Renno

Saturday, May 23 ASA Contest Series Turf John Goodman

Sunday, May 24 ASA Contest Series Turf Bill Bartell

Monday, May 25 ASA Contest Series Turf Kirk Stant / Barb M.

Saturday, June 13 ASA Contest Series Willcox Neil McLeod

Sunday, June 14 ASA Contest Series Willcox Ralph Bergh

Saturday, July 25 ASA Contest Series Estrella Bill Prokes

Sunday, July 26 ASA Contest Series Estrella Alan Reeter

Saturday, August 22 ASA Contest Series Turf Tony Smolder

Sunday, August 23 ASA Contest Series Turf Hans Heydrich

Saturday, September 5 ASA Contest Series Estrella Casey Lenox

Sunday, September 6 ASA Contest Series Estrella Bob Hurni

Monday, September 7 ASA Contest Series Estrella Andy Durbin

Saturday, September 19 ASA Contest Series El-Tiro John Leibacher

Sunday, September 20 ASA Contest Series El-Tiro Mike Parker

Farewell from Bill Mapes

(The following note was received by Arnie Jurn in response to the ASA membership renewals sent out late last year. -ed)

Dear Arnie,

After much thought and realization that my days of soaring are about over, I have concluded that the time has come to conclude my membership in the SSA and ASA.

I wish to express to the membership that you have given me many fond memories and warm friendships that I will cherish always.

Thanks again and my best wishes that my many ASA friends will enjoy many safe and wonderful soaring experiences.

Best regards,

Bill Mapes


Contest Series News

by Tony Smolder

Attached is the updated final 1998 ASA Contest Series Schedule. (inside front cover -ed) Please note that the first official contest weekend has been moved to April 18, 19 to avoid conflicting with Easter weekend - several pilots asked if we could move this to avoid the conflict.

All CD’s have been assigned with the early callers getting their choice day, while the late comers had to settle for what was left. Remember if you want a particular day then please call me as soon as I issue the preliminary schedule next season.

Also attached is an updated pilot registration form for you to fill out and send back to me no later than March 1st. I will then make up the grid sheet and issue the rule changes by March 31st. Please note the area of the registration form for Scoring method. In 1998 I encourage you to use GPS or Flight Recorder for turnpoint documentation. I have tested the Garmin 89 and EW, and have the software loaded on the contest laptop PC. For all other GPS/Flight Recorder units I will accept testing on an advance basis, prior to April 1st. After April 1st it’s too late, so if you want to make sure your unit will work contact me before then.

We will have two practice weekends proceeding the first official contest weekend. The practice days will be just like last year where I will ask 4 different pilots to select the tasks for the day. We will go through the start gate on the honor system and at the end of the day I will ask for start and finish times from each pilot as well as GPS/Flight Recorder download. I will publish scores and a write up for each weekend.

See you at the airport!


January Board Meeting Minutes

by Jeff Turner

The meeting was held at the home of Hans Heydrich, 14602 N. 25th Place ,Phoenix, Arizona.

The meeting was called to order at 7:47 PM, A quorum was present.

Attending: Bill Bartell

Bob Blakemore

Jim Burch

John Goodman

Cliff Hilty

Bill Poore

Tony Smolder

Kirk Stant

Jeff Turner

Hans Heydrich (Past Treasurer)

The board meeting minutes from December were read and accepted as is.

The past treasurer indicated that there has been no activity in the checking account since that reported in December. The following bills and income have been received:

Bills Received (not yet paid) & Income Received (not yet deposited)

- $50 Newsletter Expenses

- $30 Web Page Expenses

- $44 Patti Johnson

- $180 SSA for Memberships

+ $500 Membership Renewals

+ $250 1-34 Flight Time Income

+ $446 Net

The contest manager related that the year end balance of the contest account was $1633.80

The aircraft manager related that the year end balance of the aircraft account was $74.02

Nominations for the board offices of President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary were entertained. The officers elected for the 1998 term are as follows:

President Bill Bartell

Vice-President John Goodman

Treasurer Tony Smolder

Secretary Jeff Turner

The board on condition of approval by the club’s legal advisor, Robert Von Hellens, accepted the latest revision of the bylaws.

The articles of incorporation were read in order to understand the club’s stated purpose, and how that relates to the club aircraft. Ownership of aircraft is clearly consistent with the stated purpose of the organization.

The committee that was formed at the last meeting to investigate aircraft finances reported their findings and recommendations.

Grob 102 Data for 1997

Flew about 200 hours

5 members paid for the $300 annual rate

An additional 20 hours were flown by those paying the $20 hourly rate

Total income $1900

Committee Recommended $2,600 Annual Budget for G-102

$1400 Insurance

$200 Annual Inspection and Licenses

$1000 Maintenance and Refinish Reserve

Committee Recommended Rate Structure for G-102

$600/yr Annual Rate

$20/hr Hourly rate for all other club members

$20/day Additional for taking the aircraft away from it’s home base

The recommended rate structure is based upon meeting the recommended budget with 4 members signing up for the yearly rate with an additional 10 hours being flown at the hourly rate.

Schweitzer 1-34 Data for 1997

Flew about 100 hours

No new members paid for the $250 annual rate

An additional 20 hours were flown by those paying the $20 hourly rate

Total income $400

Committee Recommended Rate Structure for 1-34

$15/hr Hourly rate for all club members

The recommended rate structure is on an interim basis. The committee recommends that the 1-34 asking price be reduced to enable its sale as quickly as is practical.

A motion to approve the rate structure for the G-102 recommended by the committee was approved.

A motion to approve the rate structure for the 1-34 recommended by the committee was approved.

The board voted to price the 1-34 so as to sell it at the earliest possible opportunity. Bill Poore will create advertisements (with Bob Blakemore’s assistance) to mail to FBOs. John Goodman’s phone number will listed upon them as the point of contact. An asking price of $14,995.00 will be posted on the advertisements. Bill Bartell will also post the ad on the Internet newsgroup rec.aviation.soaring. Bill will also call both Estrella and Turf to determine if there is interest in purchasing the ship at the new price. John Goodman was appointed to be the focal point for the sale of the 1-34, he was authorized negotiate with any potential buyer and to approve the sale of the ship for $14,500.00 or higher. Offers below $14,500.00 will have to be entertained by the board as a whole.

A discussion of the latest revision of the aircraft operating rules was tabled until the next board meeting.

The next board meeting will be held Cliff Hilty’s home on 2/3/98.

The meeting adjourned at 9:35 PM.


Annual Annuals Scheduled for Feb 28

by Doug Bell

There are still a few slots available for annual inspections on Saturday, February 28. All remaining spots are in the afternoon, after 3:00. Call by February 14 to reserve a place.


Maintenance Funnies

Actual Maintenance complaints submitted by US Air Force pilots and the replies for the maintenance crews

PROBLEM: Left inside main tire almost needs repair

SOLUTION: Almost replaced left inside main tire

PROBLEM: Test flight OK, except autoland very rough

SOLUTION: Autoland not installed on this aircraft

PROBLEM: The autopilot doesn't


PROBLEM: Something loose in the cockpit

SOLUTION: Something tightened in the cockpit

PROBLEM: Evidence of hydraulic leak on right main landing gear

SOLUTION: Evidence removed

PROBLEM: DME Volume unbelievably loud

SOLUTION: Volume set to more believable level

PROBLEM: Dead Bugs on windshield

SOLUTION: Live bugs on order

PROBLEM: Autopilot in altitude hold mode produces a 200 fpm descent

SOLUTION: Cannot reproduce problem on ground

PROBLEM: IFF Inoperative

SOLUTION: IFF inoperative in OFF mode

PROBLEM: Friction locks cause throttle levers to stick

SOLUTION: That’s what they're there for

PROBLEM: Number Three engine missing

SOLUTION: Engine found on right wing after brief search.


End Of Year News From TuSC

by Bill Rogers

1998 Board of Directors

Walter Brock (President); Michael Barry (Vice-President): Kenneth Hazen (Treasurer); Ron Olson (Secretary); Edward Kleinerman (Safety); Pete Hammerton (Operations); Mike Donica (Field Maintenance); and Joe Kutschka (Aircraft Maintenance).

Addition To The Club Fleet

Steve Dashew's PW-5 has been bought by the Club. The PW-5 joins a 1-26, a 2-33, two L-23s, and a G-103 now in the Club fleet.

Private Gliders

Steve Dashew has bought a virtually new SZD-59 Acro. Michael Barry has bought a new Russia AC-4. Mike Parker and Paul Hoffman have a Stemme S10 being readied for shipment from Germany. Bill Rogers has sold his ASW-24E, has a deposit down on the Discus 2, and is working on a Duo-Discus syndicate. Also there are rumors that several other gliders are in the wings.

Currently on the field are a Ventus 2B (Parker); Pik-20 (Renno); Standard Cirrus (Gordon, Guvenoz, and Anderson); 1-34 (Boileau); PW-5 (Gill); Super Floater (Kislak); and antique Orlik (Serafin and Kulesza)

Towplanes and Winch

The Pawnee that the Club bought two years ago has been restored and has just gone into service alongside the two PA-18s. The Club winch also has been completely re-built and is ready for service.

Operations and Training

To fill the demand for training the Club has started to operate on Tuesday afternoons as well as on the regular Saturday and Sunday, and Wednesday afternoon schedule.

The Club also has just inaugurated a gliding scholarship program at a local highschool.


Badge / Record Updates

by Doug Bell

During some recent correspondence with Judy Rupercht (known to long time ASAers as Judy Lincoln) the question of which barographs / flight recorders are approved for flight documentation was raised. Her response follows.


"For badge flights EXCLUDING the 1,000-K and 2,000-K Diplomes, pilots can use the EW Flight Recorder, models A& B, versions or upgrades with dates on or after May 1997, with a Garmin 12XL, 80-Mil, 89, 90 or 95 OR with a Garmin GPS 55 using software version 1.12 or later."

"None of these combinations is accepted for State, National or World Record documentation. (The acceptability of the EW for State Records was discussed at an FAI Badge & Record Committee meeting last July, where Committee members felt the equipment standards for National & World records ought to apply to State Records as well. The topic could be re-opened at the Committee's Convention meeting, but I can't venture a guess as to what they'd decide.)"

"A list of FAI-approved GPS units and their approval documentation is posted on the FAI Homepage, which can be accessed through the SSA Homepage, after you get to the "Badge & Record" stuff. I think I mentioned earlier that the approval documents go into a fair amount of procedural detail as does Sporting Code Section 3, Annex B, also available through the FAI Homepage."

Note that Judy’s comments apply only to using the EW as a flight data recorder to verify rounding the turnpoints. This does not preclude the EW from being used as a barograph only device for record flight duration / altitude with other means (photo) being used to verify the turnpoints.

There have been many updates to the sporting code and procedures in recent months. Contact me if you’re interested in getting copies of any of these forms. If you have Internet access, you can get them yourself on the FAI home page as Judy mentioned.

While on the this subject, I would like to know if there is any interest in planning one of the weekends this season for badge and record flights. While it seems that many of the weekends are already booked for contest flying, either the ASA series or various Regionals and Nationals, I thought there still might be some interest in badge and record attempts. If there is sufficient interest, I could probably be persuaded to act as the official observer. Let me know if this is something in which you would like to participate. Note that there are only three state records that have been set in the Sports class, including an embarrassingly short goal flight of 45.44 miles set by the editor in 1993.


Notes from the January General Meeting

by Doug Bell

Although there were no official minutes recorded at the January general membership meeting, I recorded following notes of interest.

The 1-34 has been sold. The sale price was $14,500 and was completed in the first week of January. As a result of this sale, the final (overdue) payment for the Grob 102 was made. It turns out that the lead for the sale of the 1-34 was generated off the ASA web page. Many thanks to John Goodman, Cliff Hilty and Tony Smolder for helping to make this happen.

There was a lengthy discussion of what aircraft, if any, the club should own. There was widespread agreement that the club would benefit from a two place ship, even if it was the only ship owned by the club. Additional discussion centered around which two place ships would be best suited for the club and the financing associated with each option. The general opinion from board members was that this topic needed much more thought and input from the membership, and that acquisition of a two place ship is a long term goal with no action eminent.

Membership involvement in these kinds of decisions led to a discussion of membership participation, or lack thereof, in meetings and other club activities. One area that could use immediate improvement was the general membership meetings. The following changes are going to be made to try to encourage greater member participation.

  1. Have monthly meetings year round rather than only during the winter months.
  2. Reinstitute having a program or presentation at each meeting. The February meeting will feature a presentation made by Hans Heydrich (see following article -ed) to the NASA Langley AIAA section earlier this month regarding the current state of hang-gliding. (Langley did the wind tunnel work on the Rogallo wing concept which was intended for returning space craft to a controlled landing but never used in an actual space mission However the idea was adopted by and developed by hang gliding enthusiasts.) March will feature a presentation by Bill Bartell on a subject of his choice (other than the two hour version of the 97 World Championships video).
  3. Find a more centrally located meeting place, for the same charge as Barros (i.e. free), that would make it more convenient for members living in the south valley.
  4. Urge everyone to bring a friend to the meetings. The idea here is to generate more interest in soaring in general, and the ASA in particular, and hopefully bring in some "new blood".

Hope to see you at the next meeting!


February Meeting Presentation Preview

(Although I’ve known Hans for many years, I really didn’t know much about his background other than holding many hang glider records, and a few stories of hang glider adventures and misadventures. I found this brief biography, prepared for the Langly presentation, that I thought the rest of the membership might find it interesting. -ed)

Hans Heydrich, born in Bregenz, Austria in 1944 of German parents, was raised in Australia and emigrated to the USA in 1968 after obtaining a degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Adelaide. He worked at the Boeing Company until 1970, then moved to Columbus Indiana to work in Diesel engine research. During that time he obtained his MSME degree by attending Purdue part time. In 1978 he moved to Phoenix, joining AlliedSignal Aerospace. He currently manages Advanced Technology programs directed at advancing the state of the art for military turbine propulsion engines and related aircraft systems.

Hans' father was a WW-II Luftwaffe pilot and stories of his exploits made Hans itch to fly. However, the desire was not consummated until 1979 when he took his first hang glider lessons. This quickly became a passion that consumed all his spare time and resulted in many long cross country flights originating in Arizona, including three of over 200 miles that ended in New Mexico, Utah and Colorado. One of those flights held the Arizona distance record for 7 years. He and his flying partner Bob Thompson are the only people to successfully cross the Grand Canyon in hang gliders, a feat which they accomplished in 1985 by team flying across and back in one flight.

Hans will Illustrate his talk with slides covering hang gliding history, safety, launch methods, soaring methods and notable flights from various launch sites including the Grand Canyon adventure.


ASA History

The more things change, the more they stay the same?

40 Years Ago

ASA members were spending the winter months repairing and recovering the club two-place ship, a Pratt-Reed. Flight operations were based out of Turf Paradise (Bell Road & 19th Avenue). Joe Lincoln was Air Currents Editor.

30 Years Ago

ASA members were spending the winter months repairing and recovering the club two-place ship, a Schwiezer 2-22 in preparation for it’s annual. Flight operations were based out of Deer Valley Airport. Nancy Hume was Air Currents Editor.

20 Years Ago

Minutes of the board related a concern that operation of the two club ships, a Blanik and a 1-26, were not covering their annual expenses. Flight operations were based out of Estrella. Bob von Hellens was Air Currents Editor.

10 Years Ago

The board was concern that operation of the two club ships, a Blanik and a 1-26, were not covering their annual expenses. Flight operations were based out of Pleasant Valley Airport.



For Sale: Borgelt B100 Glider Computer

Complete with manuals and all updates

First $2400.00 takes it!

Bill Bartell, 602-580-9270

For Sale: Std Cirrus '18' B model, Cambridge
C-Nav, Dittel, 1300 hrs. TT Reduced to $19,500. Steve Johnson (602)-978-9324

Arizona Soaring Association

1998 Contest Series Registration

Mailing Address

Pilots Name:


Street Address:










E-mail Address:


Aircraft Information

Sailplane Type:


Reg #:


Contest #:


Crew Information

Crews Name:


Vehicle Type:


License #:


Pilot Experience

Highest FAI Badge Held:


Previous Contests Flown:


Scoring Method You Plan to Use

GPS   Flt Recorder   Photos   Recorder/GPS Type:  

Arizona Soaring Association & Contest Entry Fees:

Yearly Contest Registration (ASA members only)

Includes: All contest days, T-shirt, contest packet, scoring, barbeque


ASA yearly membership (required for yearly registration)

Includes: Newsletter, parties, and use of club aircraft


Daily contest registration (for non-ASA members)

Includes: Contest packet, scoring, scoresheets

$15.00 (1st day)

$10 (ea. additional day)

Daily contest registration (for ASA members)

Includes: Contest packet, scoring, scoresheets

$10.00 (1st day)

$5 (ea. additional day)


Total Amount Paid (Make checks payable to A.S.A.) :

Mail to: Tony Smolder, 17223 N. 31st Dr. , Phoenix, AZ 85023


Arizona Soaring Association

Membership Roster - February 1, 1998


BARTELL Bill 723 E. Piute Ave Phoenix, AZ 85024 580-9270 Ventus II OF

BELL Doug (Kathy) 9107 W. Camino de Oro Peoria, AZ 85382-1121 -

BELT Ed (Karen) 2 Sarena Irvine, CA 92612 714-854-1237

BERGH Ralph 16220 N 7th Street #1135 Phoenix, AZ 85022 789-6278

BLAKEMORE Robert (Sue) 8405 E Via De Encanto Scottsdale, AZ 85258 483-6482 Nimbus III KG

BRADLEY Curt (Jane) 4517 E. Calle Ventura Phoenix, AZ 85018 840-5910

BROWN Rick (Jenanne) 8700 W. Carefree Hwy. Peoria, AZ 85282 566-0886

BROWN Rohn (Connie) 1218 E. Del Rio Drive Tempe, AZ 85282 829-8946

BURCH Jim (Syble) 2355 W. Voltaire Phoenix, AZ 85029 942-2734

COULLIETTE Roy 8701 W. Carefree Highway Peoria, AZ 85382 439-3621 Turf Fleet

CRABBS Richard A 540 W Georgia Ave Phoenix, AZ 85013-2019 279-3954

DICKERSON Paul (Jerri) 8314 E. Cheery Lynn Scottsdale, AZ 85251 945-0466 Ventus 19

DICKSON James R. (Phyllis) 23270 North 85th Street Scottsdale, AZ 85255 585-9750 SZD-59

DOWNS Hugh (Ruth) ABC 20/20, 157 Columbus Ave. New York, NY 10023-5907 - G103

DRESLER Abe 14212 N. Blackfoot Lane Fountain Hills, AZ 85268 816-1395 LAK-12 LK

DRYER Pete (Alma) 9359 E. Purdue #282 Scottsdale, AZ 85258 391-2835

DUFFIN Rex (Susan) 854 N. Ashbrook Mesa, AZ 85213 898-0906

DURBIN Andy (Erin) 17440 N. 60th Drive Glendale, AZ 85308 938-8752 ASW19B GY

EATON Ron (Kathy) 5250 E. Orchid Lane Paradise Valley, AZ 85253 951-8272 Std Cirrus 65

ELLIOTT Dick 1523 W. Myrtle Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85021 995-4216 Pik-20b P5

FAHRNER Steve 324 W Rosal Place Chandler, AZ 85224 892-4856 Ventus EU

GIANFORTE Jay (Molly) 1629 State Route 173 Chittenango, NY 13037 315-687-3724

GOODMAN John 1535 E. Mission Ln Phoenix, AZ 85020 395-9334 LS3 PT

GRUSSING Theodore 40 Vaquero Circle Sedona, AZ 86351-7642 520-284-0084 PW5

GUOKAS Gene (Cynthia) 15240 Blue Verde Dr Sun City West, AZ 85375 546-5611

HANDWORK Bert (Mary Ellen) 16501 El Mirage #748 Surprise, AZ 85374-3601 583-1882

HARDESTY Mark 2009 N. Longmore Street Chandler, AZ 85224 732-1398

HARMAN James (Kristina Ryhn) 7575 E. Indian Bend Rd #1011 Scottsdale, AZ 85250 348-9788

HEDGES Gary J (Judy) 12538 East Paradise Drive Scottsdale, AZ 85259 314-9427

HEYDRICH Hans (Meng) 14602 N. 25th Place Phoenix, AZ 85032 971-7875 Ventus 6K

HILTY Cliff (Patty) HC 01, Box 877 Black Canyon City, AZ 85324 374-5387 Ventus CH

HITTEL Paul 2626 Marilyn Phoenix, AZ 85032 867-0515

HOHANSHELT Bob (Dorothy) 8632 E. Roma Scottsdale, AZ 85251 949-0838 Std Cirrus 28

HUME Alfred S. (Nancy) 519 W. Tam O'Shanter Drive Phoenix, AZ 85023 942-4203

HURNI Bob 516 E. Meadow Lane Phoenix, AZ 85022 993-8840 1-26 382 454

HUSTEAD Russ (Susan) 14841 E. Avila Drive Fountain Hills, AZ 85268 816-0126

IMLAY Boots 4306 W. Jupiter Way Chandler, AZ 85226 961-1195

IRICK Orcen (Betty) 6122 W. Mescal Glendale, AZ 85304 878-4038 PIK 20 9S

JACKSON Skip (Jane) 3110 W. Paradise Drive Phoenix, AZ 85029 866-7653

JOHNSON Steve (Linda) 6729 W. Villa Theresa Dr Glendale, AZ 85308 978-9324 Std Cirrus 18

JURN Arnie (Kathy) 6535 N. 14th Street Phoenix, AZ 85014 279-7840 ASW 20 AJ

KULESZA George (Sophi) 220 E. Duval Road Green Valley, AZ 85614 520-648-1038 PIK 20 1-26 454 2c

LEE Gregory PO Box 4882 Missoula, MT 59806

LEIBACHER John (Donna) 6631 Donna Beatrix Tucson, AZ 85718 520-299-8727 LS6 2E

LENOX Casey (Cheryl) 10837 N. 53rd Way Scottsdale, AZ 85254 494-8210 Discus B KC

LINDEMAN Robert (Cheryl) 6602 W. Earll Dr Phoenix, AZ 85033 873-4099

MACLEAN Barbara 1711 W. Encinas St Gilbert, AZ 85233 813-7668

MCANERNY Russ (Bonnie) 8432 N. 38th Drive Phoenix, AZ 85051 973-4721 1-26, PW5 147

MCLEOD Neil P.O. Box 4584 Huachuca City, AZ 85616 520-458-7514 Ventus ES

MCNULTY Michael 4215 N Civic Center Blvd #343 Scottsdale, AZ 85251 994-9658

MITCHELL Bob 21601 Erwin, #240 Woodland Hills, CA 91367 818-710-9194

OLDHAM Steven (Patricia) 5546 W. John Cabot Road Glendale, AZ 85308 - 1-26 147

OLSHAN Neal H. (Mary) 4448 E. Camelback Rd. Suite 17 Phoenix, AZ 85018 840-1958 SZD-59 ZY

ORDWAY Bill (Nancy) 12009 S. Paiute St. Phoenix, AZ 85044 893-0481

PARKER Mike 8525 E. Cloud Road Tucson, AZ 85715 520-885-2122 Ventus IC

PETRY Fran 10462 E. Cochise Ave. Scottsdale, AZ 85258-4947 860-4385

PETRY Ruth M. 4715 N. 17th Ave. #4 Phoenix, AZ 85015 274-3968

POORE Bill 829 W. Duke Dr. Tempe, AZ 85283 756-6085 Ventus, Pik BP

PRALL William (Joanie) 14662 N. 15th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85023 993-3660 Pik 20 PW

PROKES Bill 1845 E. 3rd St. Suite 106 Tempe, AZ 85281 345-2948 CirrusMucha ME2 8G

REETER Alan (Ginney) 6841 N. Cassim Place Tucson, AZ 85704 520-797-0345 LS6 71

RENNO Nilton O. 5766 N. Via Amable Tucson, AZ 85750 520-529-9059 PIK-20B 3LA

ROGERS Bill 5732 N. Camino Arturo Tucson, AZ 85718 520-297-3767 ASW-24E LG

RUBSCHA Richard (Joanne) 8933 W. Palo Verde Ave. Peoria, AZ 85345 878-6750 Pik 20 2B

SCARFF Harold (Susie) 5754 E. Orange Blossom Lane Phoenix, AZ 85018 994-8644

SERAFIN John (Anna) 4120 East Earll Drive Phoenix, AZ 85018 955-0227 Orlick Orlick

SHIELY III Joseph (Georgann) 38455 N. 95th St Scottsdale, AZ 85262 595-8552

SISSON Sally 3400 S Lake Mary Rd #14207 Flagstaff, AZ 86001 520-537-5438

SMOLDER Tony (Susan) 17223 N. 31st Drive Phoenix, AZ 85023 942-6519 Ventus TS1

SPANGLER Tony (Ellen) 972 E. Evening Star Tempe, AZ 85283 839-5322 SGS 1-35C

STANT Kirk (Sherri) 16527 N. 89th Ave Peoria, AZ 85382 933-1572

STEPHENS Bruce 13704 E. Galveston St. Gilbert, AZ 85234 963-8555

STEPHENS Jason 170 E Guadalupe #136 Gilbert, AZ 85234 545-0965 Pegasus 101 K

STOUT Samuel E (Cheryl) 5705 W. Glendale Ave. Glendale, AZ 85301 930-3475

THOMPSON Bob (Janis) 4319 W. Larkspur Glendale, AZ 85304 938-9550

TURNER Jeffrey A. (Cathy) 4195 W. Monterey St Chandler, AZ 85226 940-4050 Std Cirrus AV

UTAY Art 6802 E. Loma Land Drive Scottsdale, AZ 85257 945-9017

VANCAMP Peter (Lala) 7623 N. 45th Ave Glendale, AZ 85301 842-2953

VANDERZYL Jim (Sue) Am Embassy, PSC 451, BOX FPO, AE 09834-5100 561-2677 LS1 A5

VON HELLENS Bob (Susan) 5800 N. 39th Street Paradise Valley, AZ 85253 954-8015 Discus,1-26 1X 244

WARDEN Bob (Nancy) 325 W. Oak Ave. Flagstaff, AZ 86001 520-774-7980 Diamant 16.5

WOLF John (Carol) 28066 Old Mine Road Ranchita, CA 92066 619-782-3523

WYMAN Michael (Jackie) 17900 Houston Ave Highley, AZ 85236 641-4810 Pegasus 2R