ASA September 1997 Newsletter

My Friend KO

by Cliff Hilty

" Hey CH, How the hell are ya?" "Good, how about you KO?" "Man we're really going to miss you at Hobbs!" "I know, I wish I was going." "Me too!" "Good Luck and have a good time."

That was the last conversation I had with the man I admired, respected and loved. He had an uncanny way of turning even the most negative of conversations into something positive and funny. I miss him!

He wore a mix of sixty's and seventy's straight leg baggy pants, long sleeved half rolled up shirts and fishing hat, that made him stand out. Yet he fit into any group or situation with the first words out of his mouth. I miss him!

His insightful wit and giving nature along with his great joke telling is what first drew me to him and will keep him close in my thoughts. He had so much to look back on, but rarely did. Instead he looked forward and ahead and always to the future with optimism and faith. I miss him!

He didn't expect much from people and always gave more than he received. I don't know how life will be without him, only time will tell. But the fact is, life will go on! I can only hope to have learned from him and try to be like him. And to my friend I have to say the hardest thing in life to say--Goodbye!


For Sale: Std Cirrus '18' B model, Cambridge C-Nav, Dittel, 1300 hrs. TT Reduced to $19,500.

Steve Johnson (602)-978-9324

Red Rock Soaring Challenge

by Tony Smolder

Where: Sedona Airport

When: September 27

Mandatory pilots meeting at 10:00 am.

Reservations: required by September 19th.

Why: To promote soaring and have a trial run at a potential contest site

Format: Demonstration flights in morning followed by cross country racing in the afternoon.

Catered dinner to follow days flying.

All tows and dinner provided by Artisans Galleria.

Sponsor: Artisans Galleria of Sedona

Cost: None, however a donation of $30 is requested per pilot.

Info: Tony Smolder (602) 942-6519 for reservations and contest management.

From the Editor

Please note that the Air Currents editor has a new mailing address and phone number. This also helps to explain one of the reasons the newsletter is a little on the skimpy side this month. (The other reason, of course, is lack of submissions from the membership.) With all that is involved with selling a house and moving, I figured I was doing well to get anything published. However, with all the events coming up this fall, I wanted to make sure everyone was made aware.

Unfortunately, the move will also delay the electronic distribution for another month. Maybe in October.

By the way, I’m now 4 miles closer to Turf, near 91st Avenue and Pinnacle Peak Road. If you on your way out that direction, stop by and say hello. The yard is still dirt, but there is a detached workshop (aka hangar) large enough to hold all the pieces of a disassembled ship. Hopefully, this will be the site for some work on the club ships this winter.

Turf Soaring School 30th Anniversary Party!

ASA members are invited to join Roy and the crew to help celebrate 30 years of soaring in Arizona at Turf Soaring School. Please join us for a full day of flying activities.

Glider Flying

Aerobatic Rides and Performances

Aircraft Fly-bys

Antique Aircraft Displays

Saturday, October 18, 1997

Catered BBQ dinner at about 6:00 pm following the days flying activities

Live Band

Fun and Games

RSVP to Turf so they can plan accordingly

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