From the Prez

by Ken Olson KO

This will be my first article to you as the President of the Arizona Soaring Association and there are a lot of things that have happened in the last two months.

First, it is an honor for me to serve the ASA in this capacity. All of us on the Board promise to do our best to represent the membership and to be responsive to your needs and desires.

The first item I want to discuss with you is the make up of our Association’s aircraft fleet. At the direction of the Board, Tony Smolder sent out a questionnaire to you for the purpose of determining what your desires were in regards to the fleet mix, and the interest the membership had in supporting the aircraft. The results were overwhelming in favor of a mixture of a single seat and a two seat aircraft.

It was also apparent that there was a great deal more interest in flying the Grob G-102 than in the 1-34 . This was even more apparent by the cost analysis between the two aircraft. Included in this analysis were maintenance costs for a good set of covers and contingency funds for refinishing. Even with these expenses factored in, the Grob generated almost $700.00 per year and the 1-34 barely broke even.

The Board has determined to sell the 1-34 and purchase a Lark IS-28b. There was not enough monetary support from the survey to justify the cost of a glass 2 seater and we felt that the performance and price of the Lark offered us our best option.

Where do we go from here? We are offering the 1-34 for sale at an asking price of $19,700.00. The aircraft is in superb shape and comes with a trailer. Bill Bartell has posted a notice on the Internet and I have already received one call from a gentlemen who is starting a club in North Carolina and wanted to know about the ship. We will not purchase a Lark until we have sold the 1-34.

One of the precepts that the Board operates under is that we will not commit the ASA to a debt burden. Although we are making some preliminary inquires about availability and condition of two different IS-28b’s we will not purchase one until we have the cash in hand to pay for it.

Check out for the G-102 is under review, but we intend to keep this as straight forward and simple as possible. We are currently evaluating a list of instructors who will be authorized to sign you off. There will be some additional requirements for cross country flight including access to a tow vehicle that is appropriately equipped for a retrieve, and training in assembly and disassembly.

One of the problems that we face is liability. For this reason, anyone who flies this aircraft will have to execute a "Hold Harmless" agreement with the ASA and accept responsibility for damages not covered by our insurance. These provisions will apply to any and all aircraft owned and operated by the ASA. Further details will be published as the requirements are formalized.

One of the most important considerations the Board had to face in the purchase of these aircraft is safety. It is our opinion that the G-102 is one of the very best aircraft our club could own in terms of flyability, performance and value and we sincerely hope that you will avail yourself of the opportunity to fly this new asset.

Jim Burch has been working hard on making our aircraft more visible to radar and a reflector has now been designed for that purpose. Additionally, Jim has arranged for a tour of Luke’s radar facility and would like to see how much interest the membership has in a tour. If you haven’t seen a facility like this before it is an education. Contact Jim for details and give him your thanks for this effort. (Tour was held Feb. 23. No additional tours are planned at this time - ed.)

The Board has asked Bill Bartell to look into an update of our Web Page and on a trial basis to administer it for us. Bill does this for a living, among other things, and although there is a cost involved we want to see if it will be effective in terms of interest. If you are currently using the Internet I would appreciate your opinion.

Jim Dickson has decided to resign from the Board. He will be gone for seven months this year to tend his ranch in Montana and felt that this absence would prohibit his participation to a degree he felt was acceptable. Jim will be sorely missed. He has been a Board member for almost a year and a half and has been our secretary for that long. He has our gratitude for his efforts and counsel on behalf of the Association.

In accordance with the bylaws of the Association, the Board has asked John Goodman to fill the remainder of Jim Dickson’s term. John is an active soaring pilot and participant in the Association’s affairs and we feel that he will be a positive asset to the Board. If he’s not, according to the bylaws of the Association, we’ll take him out in the desert and bury him up to his neck in sand next to a fire ant nest. Good luck, John. And Good Luck and Safe Soaring to all of us. KO


Annual TuSC Wave Camp

by Arnie Jurn AJ

The Tucson Soaring Club is holding their annual wave camp in Sierra Vista from Feb. 15 through April 15. They will have two gliders available for Tucson club members and a tow plane. Private owners are welcome to come and fly in Sierra Vista during this period. For more information call Jothanan Tappan. phone 520-577-6866.


New Look to the ASA Web Page

by Bill Bartell OF

The ASA Board has asked me to host the ASA web pages on a trial basis. I have designed a new look and added lots of new information to the site. The address is:

Everyone is invited to stop by and take a look. Comment and additional content are welcome at:


Cross Country Camp Announced

Check out the calendar of events, on the inside front cover, and you’ll notice a new event. Saturday, March 22, and Sunday March 23, Bill Bartell will be conducting another of his cross country seminars at Turf. The format typically is to have one or two hours of classroom discussion in the morning, followed by a group grope across the desert or into the hill country based on the weather. Last year’s event was extremely popular with about 8 gliders completing the course, and a couple of lower performance ships joining in for part of the task. This is a great learning experience as well as a whole lot of fun. You won’t want to miss it!


1997 Contest Series News

by Tony Smolder TS1

Race season is here! Well almost.

Although the soaring was sub-standard, the 80 degree sunny skies of February 15th greeted 7 pilots for the first pre-season contest of 1997. The place was Estrella and what great fun it was to be out assembling planes and anticipating another race day. The taskmaster for the day was Tony Smolder and due to the lack of suitable race conditions a short task of twice around the Montezuma, Mobile, Estrella triangle was called. A mere 40 miles, but when there’s no lift it might as well be 400 miles because there were zero task completions. There were numerous valiant attempts with KO, 1X, ME2, M4, and PT completing one lap of the triangle. TS1 and 244 (piloted by Susan von Hellens) had a tougher time and netted zero miles but 1 hour and 40 minutes respectively. 244 used her Cambridge Flight computer to scratch out every second worth of airtime before entering the landing pattern.

Appropriate celebrations and post flight analysis followed the first pre-season race of 1997. Hope to see you all at Turf on March 1st.

If you have not registered for the 1997 Contest Series I urge you to do so before April 1st and avoid the $5 surcharge for entries received after that date. Also as a bonus you get 2 free rolls of film and get to review the rules prior to the 1st contest day. I will be distributing rules, film, turnpoint books, etc., at the last two Pre-season contests; at Estrella on March 15,16 and at Turf on March 29,30. Please either register prior to this date or come with registration form and check in hand one of these weekends.


Safety Gator

by Ken Olson KO

Its getting to be that time of year for Spring Check Out and Bi-Annual Flight Review and I would just like to pass along some thoughts from an instructors point of view.

If you haven’t been flying in the last three months you’ve missed some interesting soaring. It has certainly been challenging on occasion but very rewarding. As I write this on the 25th of February we have already had two cross country weekends. The 15th of Feb. was the first time we could get double Silver distance plus and last weekend (the 22nd and 23rd ) provided 150 mi plus and climbs to 12,000 ft in thermal lift. I could only climb to 11,500 ft on Sunday but the outside air temp was -11 Centigrade and my feet got pretty cold. My feeling about the weather here in Arizona is that nine months out of the year it’s perfect, and the other three months it’s too cold.

First item of safety, wear warm clothes and warm socks when you go out to fly and take along a jacket and some way to start a fire in case you have to land out.

Back to the BFR and Spring Check Out.

If you haven’t flown in a while it’s important to go flying in a two seater first with someone who has been flying. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a CFIG but it also shouldn’t be a new student pilot. Find someone whose flying skills and opinion you respect and who is qualified to sit in the back seat of the 2-33 or the Grob. Take at least 3 flights. Explore the wake of the tow aircraft and try a few stalls at altitude (above 2,000 ft AGL) and practice slipping the aircraft to a landing. (You know about a slip, step on the rudder OPPOSITE THE DIRECTION OF TURN ) as opposed to a skid which is very dangerous. (Have we had this discussion before?) Practice landing on a spot and tell your partner where it will be. It’s best to pre-plan this and discuss it before take off. After landing ask for a critique. You can start it off by critiquing yourself but don’t be too hard on your performance. Remember that you’ve been away from this for a while and that we are our own worst critics. Don’t expect perfection the first flight, but work for it.

I highly recommend Bob Wander’s book The BFR Made Easy. Even if you are not going to take a BFR it is an excellent resource in review.




For Sale: PIK-20B, reprofiled by George Applebay, in beautiful condition, always hangared at Estrella Sailport; includes PZL vario, electronic vario, Cambridge MK-IV Nav Director, Edo-Aire 360 transceiver, clock, battery condition gauge, gear warning, oxygen, 23 gallon ballast system, parachute, Repogle barograph, full plane covers, customer trailer. Contact Bruce Stephens @ Estrella (520) 568-2318, and see the plane there.

For Sale: Ventus B Very good condition. 15 meter tips and 16.6 meter tips. Cambridge L-Nam with GPS and FAI approved secure flight recorder (with latest 1997 upgrades), Cambridge vario, SZD vario, Winter vario, Becker AR3201 720 ch radio with push to talk and Becker gooseneck boom mic. G meter, large oxygen system, dual batteries, tinted canopy, dual gear warning system with separate battery, automatic control hook-up. Recently reconditioned and upgraded Pfeiffer trailer with new tires, ground handling equipment, full cloth covers. $46K with full equipment or $41K without Cambridge system and cloth covers. Call Bob Thompson 938-9550


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*** Register before April 1, 1997 and receive 2 free rolls of film***

*** and avoid a $5 surcharge for entries after 4/1/97 ***


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