1997 Contest Series News

by Tony Smolder TS1

It’s almost race season again, and this year I would like to make the registration process a little cleaner and less hectic by asking everyone to pre-register in advance of the first contest day. Included in this newsletter is a 1997 ASA Contest Series Registration Form (see last page, ed.). Just fill in the form, check the boxes of the items that you want, include a check made out to ASA for the total amount, and drop in the mail to me. All items like turnpoint books, film, and T-shirts will be available for pick-up on the first contest day. Best of all we eliminate the hassles and time consuming process of trying to register at the pilots meeting. As an incentive for registering early (before April 1st) you will get 2 free rolls of film! So don’t delay send in your registration form immediately, and thank you to those that do!

Another great bonus for pre-registering is you get the official turnpoint list, with coordinates and altitudes well in advance of the first contest day. Even better you also get the updated rules to study and memorize before the first contest day. I plan to mail out the rules and turnpoint list to all those registered by April 1st.

I’ve also scheduled a few practice days prior to the start of the contest series (see inside front cover, ed). This should be a great time to shake off the winter doldrums and get your flying skills back up to where they were at the end of last season. Please plan to attend even if the weather doesn't cooperate. If it's not soarable we'll do some outlanding strip maintenance, or clean up the club planes and trailers. It's sure to be fun so plan on showing up around 10 am and spending the day.

Annual Inspections

by Doug Bell KD

Once again our friend and resident IA, Larry Clark, has agreed to spend a day performing annual inspections for us. The date is Saturday, February 22 at Turf. The cost is the same as last year, $25. I’ll be coordinating this on behalf of ASA and taking reservations in advance. Call me (561-0136) to reserve a time. You will need to have your make, model, serial number and registration number when you call. Space is limited, so reservations will be taken on a first come, first served basis.

Visit Luke RAPCON

by Jim Burch

I’ve arranged a special tour of the Luke AFB Radar Approach Control facility for ASA members. This should be an informative outing to learn bout operations at Luke and how we call all safely share the surrounding airspace. We plan to have a live demo of a glider carrying a radar reflector so members can see how effective this little device is in creating a primary radar target. The tour is scheduled for Sunday, February 23. Please contact me at 942-2734 for further details or to reserve your spot.


  • For Sale: PIK-20B, reprofiled by George Applebay, in beautiful condition, always hangared at Estrella Sailport; includes PZL vario, electronic vario, Cambridge MK-IV Nav Director, Edo-Aire 360 transceiver, clock, battery condition gauge, gear warning, oxygen, 23 gallon ballast system, parachute, Repogle barograph, full plane covers, customer trailer. Contact Bruce Stephens @ Estrella (520) 568-2318, and see the plane there.
  • Where Have All the Big Dogs Gone?

    If you are in possession of, or otherwise know the whereabouts of, the Big Dog shirts from last years contest series, please contact Doug Bell or Tony Smolder. We’d like to keep the tradition up for this year.

    1997 ASA Contest Series Registration Form

    Mailing Address

    Pilots Name:


    Street Address:










    E-mail Address:


    Aircraft Information

    Sailplane Type:


    Reg #:


    Contest #:


    Crew Information

    Crews Name:


    Vehicle Type:


    License #:


    Pilot Experience

    Highest FAI Badge Held:


    Previous Contests Flown:


    Arizona Soaring Association & Contest Entry Fees:

    Include a check for the total amount payable to: Arizona Soaring Association

    ASA Yearly Membership ($35) :


    includes great monthly newsletter, parties, cookouts, and use of club aircraft.



    Contest Entry :

    Yearly ($40 for ASA members)


    Yearly ($50 for non-ASA members)

    Note: Only the yearly entry entitles you to a free T-shirt.        

    Daily ($5 for ASA members)


    Daily ($10 for non-ASA members)



    Turnpoint Book ($5) :


    Contest Film (2 rolls / $5) :



    Total Amount Paid (Make checks payable to A.S.A.) :

    Mail to: Tony Smolder, 17223 N. 31st Dr. , Phoenix, AZ 85023



    *** Register before April 1, 1997 and receive 2 free rolls of film***

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