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The Arizona Soaring Association is a group of about 50 pilots who fly sailplanes at all levels of the sport; some pilots are new to soaring and just learning to fly, while others compete in national and regional competitions, in addition to the ASA's own well-known contest series that runs from March to September each year.

We fly from several locations. These include commercial operations Northwest Sky Sports (formerly Turf) and Estrella Sailport, private clubs Tucson Soaring Club and Prescott Soaring, as well as airports in Sedona and Sun Valley. During our active race schedule, we also fly from Willcox and Sampley's in Aguila.

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ASA Members Convene at PVA for Inspections, Transponder Recerts and Chute Repacks
report by ASA Secretary Bob Thompson     March 29, 2014
Saturday March 29th, 2014 was a very good day for ASA members who came out to Pleasant Valley Airport. Harry Smith came out and performed annual inspections on 11 gliders, Warren from Express Avionics came over and performed recertification for 5 transponders, and Mike Moore picked up over a dozen parachutes for repacking. It was a busy and successful morning, and ASA provided the lunch (huge hamburgers and hot dogs and chips) for those in attendance. Bob T. arranged for Harry to come out and Mike to pack all the parachutes. Joe Silvasi arranged for Warren to come out to check the transponders. This worked out as a 3-fer for many pilots and a 2-fer for most others getting numerous required tasks taken care of ahead of the upcoming soaring season. And, thanks go to Bob Kellner for picking them up for us from the Wildhorse just across the highway. Today’s activities were just another benefit provided by the Arizona Soaring Association for its members.

It was really great to see all the gliders lined up on the north side of the airport again. Not only were there a lot of glass and carbon gliders in attendance, Richard Roth brought his 50+ year old wooden Slingsby Swallow T-45 up from Tucson to the event. It appeared to be in very good shape for an old timer!

Conditions for flying were ok, but not really great looking, so none of us chose to fly, just saving our $$ for the first contest day of the 2014 ASA Contest Series next weekend at PVA. However, Gary Boggs seemed to have no problems staying aloft with tourists in his 2-32. He was busy most of the day, and the tow plane was even busier, as the CAP 2-33 was making a number of flights.
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